Follow Me To: A Valentine's Day Moment

| Erica Simas
February 14, 2017
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Valentine’s Day isn’t only about celebrating your significant other. It’s a great time to show your appreciation for any of the impactful relationships in your life, whether it’s a best friend, a parent, or even a furry friend.

This February 14th, our favorite hashtag is #followmeto. It’s a hashtag built around companionship. Originally, the tag was a project, created by Murad and Nataly Osmann, to document their travels. The pair dressed in local cultural attire and shot iconic locations. The images always depicted Nataly leading Murad somewhere beautiful. The project quickly exploded into thousands of #followmeto interpretations. Eventually, the hashtag evolved into a message that more or less said, “I’ll go wherever you go.” Because the road’s always more fun with a co-pilot, right?

Murad & Nataly Osmann



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This Valentine’s Day, get out there and try your own #followmeto photo with someone who means a lot to you. Here are some of our recent favorites as inspiration:



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