First Look at the New Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi

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| Noura Al Murr Al Neyadi
November 11, 2017
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That’s right! The world famous Louvre in Paris has a new location. After a decade-long wait, the Louvre Abu Dhabi opens and shatters all our expectations.

Aside from the fact that the museum is GORGEOUS, our friend Noora filled us in about what you need to know:

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  •  It’s the first universal museum in the Arab World.
  • The Museum's is positioned physically and symbolically at the intersection of East and West: the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi.
Humanity In New Lights Ii
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  • This remarkable museum, and all of the beauty it contains within, is the United Arab Emirates' response to terrorism, extremism, and radicalization.
  • French visionary Jean Nouvel wanted the museum to be more of a neighborhood than a building. The architect designed interconnected blocks of differing proportions, inspired by white Arabic cities (The Medina).  
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  • The water channels beneath the museum are inspired by falaj in Al Ain Oasis, my hometown. In Al Ain Oasis, falaj systems (water networks) are used to water big areas within palm trees oases, bringing life and beauty to people.
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