First Ever Samsung Review: S8 + Moment!

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| Marco de Groot
November 06, 2017
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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta version of the new Photo Case for the Samsung S8. Seriously, it was so cool to use the Moment superfish, wide, tele, and macro lens on my favorite mobile device for the first time! What a beautiful combination of gear.

Moment Samsung S8 Photo Case and Lenses

The best part of shooting mobile is that your phone is always with you, and these lenses are small enough that you never miss an opportunity to shoot! This came in handy when I was showing a group of German snapshooters around Rotterdam. One of the group matched the place perfectly! He posed for others, and in between he did a funny dance. I quickly snapped this moment, and I’m very pleased with result.

Instagram even featured the image on their account!

I love how smoothly the lens snaps into position and how steady the lens is, attached to the phone. I tried it in different situations, both indoor and outdoor, and I was surprised by the lens quality. With the wide angle lens, you might get a little flare in some situations, but you can solve that by tilting the phone a bit.

S8 + Moment Tips

1. S8 + Reflections!

For the best reflection shots (in a puddle, for example), hold your phone upside down. This way, the lens is closer to the surface, and you get more of the reflection! Since the Samsung S8 is waterproof, there’s also no harm in dipping it in the water -- whether it’s an artistic choice or accident.

2. Managing Your Images

In the S8 gallery app, you can easily select your favorites by tapping the heart icon on the top left. A favorites album appears with all your favorite images.

3. Customize Your Settings

Check out the default camera app settings. Many people miss the rad opportunity to tweak those to their taste.

4. Camera Shortcuts

I really love the “Quick Launch” toggle. When enabled, a quick double press on the power button will open the camera app. No unlocking needed! I also use the volume key to take a picture. This way, I can hold the phone more steadily in landscape mode, and I can find the shutter blindly.

5. Shoot in RAW

For the more experienced photographer: if you swipe right on your camera app and select Pro, you can enable RAW shooting. Shoot in RAW to get more details out the highlights and shadows when editing in a app like Lightroom.