‘End of Season’: A Moment Film by Forrest Mankins

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| Forrest Mankins
November 29, 2016
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End of Season is about telling the story of appreciation, dedication, and respect for our natural resources. Filmed after the summer tourism is gone, the season’s change brings a quiet back to the wild places that we so often miss. Being uncomfortable and working harder to be out in this season is its own reward, and recharges our appreciation for gratitude for these experiences.

Forrest Mankins

Hi, my name is Forrest Mankins. I’m a commercial outdoor lifestyle photographer and film producer based in Whitefish, Montana. My latest project, forthcoming documentary “A Life Alive” lead me on a 6 month, 20,000+ mile road trip from my roots in the midwestern U.S. to the arctic circle in Alaska and back. My passion lies in the joy of the journey, and my photography comes from the desire to tell the stories that happen along the way.

Instagram: @forrestmankins
Twitter: @forrestfire
Vimeo: forrestmankins

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