Creator Journals: Mobile Photography and DIY

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| Lyndsay Harper
October 06, 2016
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I love Do-It-Yourself projects. The kind that have me obsessed for days, excited to leave work so I can come home and keep building. If you’re like me, then I want to share my secret weapon for next-level DIYing. Whether you use Pinterest or Etsy or Dribble -- whatever kind of crafts you’re into -- mobile photography is a game-changer! Not only can you document the building process and share ideas, you can even use your phone to concept new projects. It allows any crafter a simple way to collect, build, and share.

As an example, I recently concepted and built a hairpin leg table. Here’s how I used mobile photography and my Moment lenses throughout the process.


As much as I love building cool things, concepting is my favorite stage of DIY crafting. With mobile photography, it’s so easy to find inspiration on the fly. If you pause to look at the details around you, it’s hard not to be inspired. Try it!

Weeks ago, I was strolling through San Francisco furniture stores, ogling sexy chairs and an overwhelming amount of throw pillows. I stumbled into a simple bench with raw wood edges, a smooth stained surface, and simple hairpin legs. I immediately felt the urge to build my own.
Rather than falling down a Pinterest black hole, I snapped a photo, and left. I started wandering around the neighborhood, documenting textures, colors, shapes, and anything at all that caught my eye. I found scraggly hemp rope, warm leather tones, rusted steel walls, woven straw, etc. All of these helped me find the overall vibe for the project.

You can find my instructions to build your own hairpin leg table at She Runs, She Makes.

Regardless of what kind of creator you are, the tools you need are right there in your pocket. For all you current and aspiring DIYers, go get inspired! Get out there and find textures you like, a table you love, materials that make you drool. Use your phone to collect ideas, document your process, and share it with the world. It has never been easier to do than it is now.