October 25, 2016

‘Climbing with Brette’: A Moment Film by Adam Kingman

Words + Photos + Videos : Adam Kingman

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I bring my camera to capture the important moments. Brette is my oldest friend, she took me climbing, and that’s a day worth keeping.

Brette and I turn 25 in a few months. Last time we visited the valley, we were just kids. However, the older we get, the more playful we become. I’m a photographer and Brette is a pro climber. We met somewhere in the middle to shoot this film on the walls of Yosemite.


Adam Kingman

The world is a fascinating place and I’m drawn to the details of it. I’m keen to create experiences and moments of delight that make you smile. My name is Adam and someday I’ll visit the moon. Until then, I’m keeping busy building an ice cream truck as well as a rocket ship. I’ll save you a seat on both.

Instagram: @adamkingman

Website: adamkingman.com

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