Bemis Art Show: Moment Show and Tell

| Erica Simas
May 12, 2017
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If you’ve driven around SODO, a Seattle neighborhood, just south of Pioneer Square, you’ve probably seen the towering Bemis sign. It’s a beacon for local Moment employees, guiding them to the studio every morning.

The Bemis Building was constructed in 1904 and is approximately 150,000 square feet. The robust, industrial factory design this building holds is definitely unique, not to mention the fact that it was built originally for burlap bag production in the 19th century. The massive production space is now home to over 45 artist lofts and professional studios that spread over four floors.

One of those light-filled studios belongs to us. While some of our team is spread across the country, this beautiful building is our homebase. Our design-driven team needs a space that reflects the creativity inside each of us; and Bemis provides just that!

Every Spring, the building hosts an art show to give the building’s occupants an opportunity to display what they’re creating. It’s a great time for the public and artists to interact in a unique way.

We used this year’s event as a “show and tell” -- to allow people to check out our products and some incredible images shot by our community. A few late nights by some of the team helped transform our office into a gallery.

In fact, we had our very own art critic stroll through the space to critique some of the works:

From fashion designers to potters, and everything in between, here is some of the work from the talented folks we get to call neighbors.