Multiply Like Rabbits

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Artur Dabrowski is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in architecture. “Depth” moves him and he finds that it enriches design and engages people. Artur looks to capture depth in formal language: shadow lines, depth of eld, composition; as well as in meaning: details and storytelling.

Often asked “why rabbits?”, Artur started draw- ing rabbits in the margins of his notebooks during high school. He would personify rabbits to express thoughts, situations or feelings he was having. The imagery of the rabbit being personified is playful—the rabbit is cute, hops around, eats, multiplies... and lives naively in this world. Personification takes that image and crosses it with this highly rational and complex being, incapable of preserving its naivety. Rabbits are the vessel through which he feels comfortable expressing himself. 

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