A Guide To Using The Moment Macro Lens

| Jeff Marsh
March 03, 2016
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We love tiny details, so we made a macro lens that captures life sized images of the smallest objects. The purpose of this lens is to see things like you and your phone have never seen them before. The near microscopic pattern on your favorite waterproof jacket. The handsewn threads on your grandmother’s knit blanket. Salt on a french fry.

Ready to take a closer look at the world around you? Let’s get started!

Getting Started with the Moment Macro

Your Macro lens includes a diffuser already attached to the lens. Though this is removable, we suggest first getting used to shooting with it attached. This should fit quite snug to prevent it from falling off.

You can attach your Macro lens to your phone in one of two ways:

Using a mounting plate

Using a Moment case

Step #1: Attach your lens to a Moment Case or mounting plate

Step #2: Open the Moment App

Using the Moment App with the Macro lens

If you don’t have the Moment App yet, you can download it here. It is absolutely essential, though not required, that you use the Macro Lens with the Moment App. Why? We’ve built in some useful features to enhance your experience using our Macro lens.

Step #3: Use the Focus sliders

Use the slider functions on the live image view in the app. Here you can slide with your finger to adjust exposure, and most importantly, focus. Both are super useful for focusing when using the Macro lens.

Using the Macro lens with a Moment Case

The Moment Case is designed to communicate with the Moment App via bluetooth to use its built-in features. If you are not using a case, simply open the Moment app. If you have the Moment case and are connected to the Moment App, you’re able to use the following built-in features:

Shutter button

The case communicates with the app via bluetooth to allow you to capture images using the shutter button, which can be helpful in getting clear, focused images. The shutter button can be pressed halfway down to focus on a subject, and then pressed all the way to capture the image.


Stability is key for shooting such small subjects at 10x the magnification. The grip on the case gives you that extra stability, and the shutter button is within a finger’s reach. This minimizes your movement and gives the ability to capture a still, perfectly focused image.