'10 Days in Montana': A Film by Andrew Stoner

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| Andrew Stoner
October 04, 2016
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Sometimes to go forwards, you have to go back. Remembering your roots prepares you for the path ahead.

I wasn’t born here, but there is something about this place that has become central to my very being. Wide open spaces, endless skies, and snow capped mountains – it brings me back to a place of creative clarity. A disconnect from our ever connectedness. Where likes and comments fade away. Where the simplicity of life and relationships matter. Where love is refreshed.

When we began this journey together we made a promise; to love freely and live a meaningful life. It’s a promise that can get distracted by laptops, diapers, and the all the intricacies of life. Chasing new experiences helps us to refocus. To hold hands and take a deep breath of fresh air….it’s like coming home to a place we have always lived.


Andrew Stoner

Andrew is a photographer, filmmaker, and product manager at Moment. Born in Pennsylvania, and raised in the Caribbean and Pacific Northwest. He has a passion for travelling with his wife and son, using a lens to tell stories along the way.

Instagram: @andrewheartsbacon

Twitter: @andrewheartsbcn



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