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We started a travel company.

It's called Moment Travel and we created it to get lost with our cameras. We believe that learning is best done when you’re exploring a place you’ve never been with people you just met.  Photography isn’t just about the technical quality of the image, but the acknowledgement that capturing and sharing moments is important. We hope these trips inspire you to see the world around you in a new way.

Who It’s For

Anyone who likes to get lost with their camera. All skill levels are welcome as our teachers (Dan and Caleb) can range from teaching the basics to the super advanced. Learning happens while exploring so the curriculum is 1:1 and tailored to whatever you want to improve at. 

The only real requirements are that you love to travel and have an adventurous spirit—up for hiking in the woods or kayaking on a lake. This trip is moderate when it comes to physical exertion, but some of the best shots do require a bit of hiking. We will be spending one night on a glacier, so hopefully you appreciate cool summer evenings. 

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Who’s Teaching

Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin

A professional photographer, creative, and designer. He has been teaching a long time and has one of the most popular Skillshare photography classes


Caleb Babcock

Lead filmmaker at Moment, Caleb will be teaching video and organizing the trip day to day. His mustache is famous on YouTube.


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These amazing companies share our love for getting lost behind our cameras.  

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What You Will Learn

Our goal for the week is for you to leave with wonderful memories, new friends, amazing photos, and a simple photographic project that helps you learn how to tell stories through your photos, and gives you a new way of seeing the places and people you see when you travel. 

Dan Rubin is the lead mentor on our trip and an amazing teacher. His Skillshare classes are crazy popular because he brings an approachable style to teaching while you’re out shooting. From the basics (composition and exposure) to the super advanced (post-production tips, location and light scouting) he can cover a wide spectrum from smartphone to digital to film. 

The backdrop for the trip is beautiful Juneau, Alaska, so the curriculum will be focused on photographing in natural light across a variety of conditions, capturing the scale of landscapes, and shooting friendly portraits along the way. In addition to advice about capturing, we’ll discuss gear, apps, editing/post-production, with plenty of time along the way to answer all your questions.

Items we’ll cover:

  • Composition
  • Lighting (including reading natural light, forecasts, and planning your shots) 
  • Depth of Field 
  • Long exposures (including using smartphone apps, and ND filters for larger cameras) 
  • Portraiture 
  • Action Photography (how to capture motion) 
  • Post-Production Tips and Tricks (how to make your RAW or JPG images look amazing)


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Arrive in Juneau, Alaska and check-in by 3pm at the Westmark Baranof Hotel. At 8pm we connect as a group for a small welcome ceremony. 

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Explore the beautiful surrounding areas of Juneau by kayak, foot, and tram. We’ll be shooting the pristine waters of Mendnhall Glacier lake and waterfall on a kayak tour, hiking to the abandoned Treadwell Gold Mine, and taking the Mount Roberts Tramway for golden hour. 

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We’re taking a helicopter to the Juneau Ice Fields, sleeping on a glacier and catching an early sunrise. You can expect to capture ice caves, glaciers, and epic landscapes.  All of the necessary adventure gear is provided. 

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Time to say good bye. Check-out is by 11am. We'll give you a ride back to the airport before you take off with your camera full of unforgettable experiences. 

Trip Details

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What’s Included?

A trip and a bunch of amazing gear….

  • Hotel Baranof
  • Breakfast, lunch, and two dinners
  • Helicopter ride with an overnight on a glacier
  • Kayak tour and gear
  • Tram ticket and park entry fees
  • $200 in free gear from Moment
  • 25 free square prints from Artifact Uprising
  • 65% off gear and 35% off bags from Peak Design
  • $150 in gear from Nomad Goods
  • A free pair of Grado headphones
  • One free month of Priime RAW
  • As much photography learning as you want

What’s not included? 

You are responsible for….

  • Flights to and from Juneau
  • Camera gear
  • Dinner Thursday - Saturday
  • Alcohol
  • Travel Insurance
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What Do I Bring? 

The weather will be cool with highs of 60 and lows of 40. Our week will be active so you want warm layers for the early/late hours with cool layers for the middle of the day. Ideally you are able to pack your gear into back or over the shoulder bags. We will be taking a helicopter one night and staying on a glacier so the more mobile your gear is, the better.

Suggested items….

  • Cameras and lenses with extra power and memory
  • Laptop or phone for editing
  • Tripod (small one is fine)
  • Base Layers (ie long underwear)
  • Warm and breathable hiking clothes
  • Fleece jacket or insulated vest
  • Rubber rain jacket
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Warm hat
  • Glove liners or lightweight gloves
  • Warm, active socks
  • Hiking boots
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Head lamp

What Else Do I Need To Know? 

We recommend travel insurance. The booking fee of $400 is non-refundable. You can get the rest of your money back, as long as you cancel by July 25th.

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