iPad Cases

Protect your iPad, give it a great soft and warm touch, and have it look great as a bonus! iPad cases do all these things and more.

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When you spend a good $800 on an iPad Pro, you should buy a case to cover the device's scratch-prone aluminum shell. Although we all use our iPads in different ways (a college student taking notes in class, an illustrator painstakingly creating a new painting, a grandparent attempting to sign up for Netflix, or a kid purchasing a few extra lives for a computer game while their parents aren't looking), we all have one thing in common: we all need a case. The right iPad case will keep your investment safe from spills and drops, and it may even prevent you from hearing the Wilhelm Scream the next time it falls out of your hands. (We've all been there, carefully picking up our prized tablet with deliberate gestures, as if examining a crime scene, only to be relieved when no cracks are discovered.) The right case can also increase the versatility of your iPad by allowing you to adjust its height or angle. And, of course, it can be attractive.

To find the best case or sleeve for all sorts of people, we reached out to different Moment Pro Creative experts, art directors, illustrators, artists, and other folks with great taste. If you have a new iPad, download Moment Pro Camera App and Editing apps and games and keep it safe with a new case. For any other models, browse the options below.

Let's dive into iPad Cases and the best screen cover for your needs, in terms of both security and style.

Why Should I use a Case?

iPad Case models are extra protective thanks to a softer durometer bioplastic and thicker sidewalls with ribs to absorb impacts. These cases, for as protective as they are, are very slim. They've kept a very low profile while adding that bumper around the outside as well as a bit above the front edge of the iPad.

Rated to 6 feet drop onto hardwood from all angles when using a screen protector: Rated to 8 feet drop onto the hardwood.

Having Quality iPad Cases is a Good Insurance

A unique way of thinking about buying a high-quality iPad case or 12.9 cases is to think of the purchase as buying insurance. Apple products have some of the highest resale value in the tech space.

Definitely more than their PC rivals. If you buy a good case for your Apple portable, you'll almost certainly get a much higher price when the time comes to replace the tablet or laptop. What is the reason for this? Since the hardware would appear to be completely new. A nearly new-looking used car will often demand a far higher price than one that appears battered, neglected, and tired, just like a car.

Investing in a good argument for Apple's new tablet would protect your investment. But when you're ready to upgrade to the next-generation model next year, you'll be able to get the most money for your barely used, flawless Pro.

When reviewing your options in iPad protective cases, think about the following:

Do you use it a lot? If you do, consider higher quality materials that will last, like the Nomad Rugged iPad Cover.

Do you need a keyboard?

Do you tend to drop things? In that case, you would want good impact resistance, especially if you have uncarpeted floors.

Do you use your iPad near food or drink?

Do you want a carrying strap or handle? Some carrying straps can securely attach to your hand, arm, or even leg.

Do you want a place to carry the charging cord and other accessories?

Do you have or work with young children who drop-kick your iPad?

Or do your children have iPads that they use regularly?

Do you use it over carpeting?

Do you use it out in the field?

Would you want to use it underwater, for instance, to take photographs?

How much of an issue is the weight of your iPad case?

What type of bag do you carry it in?

Do you travel a lot? Would you pack your Ipad into luggage or perhaps into a bag or briefcase that contains other things as well?

Do I want a case quickly slapped together on a speed line or hand-made with care and precision?

What are my "must-have" features?

Do I need a secure place for the Apple Pencil?

What about other functions like a place to store papers or cards?

Consider the features you want and how well they fit into the style of the case you're considering. Just because a design claims to have a "pencil holder" doesn't mean it's well-designed or thoughtfully incorporated into the design.

Many companies simply sew an elastic loop to an outside seam and call it a day. They don't care that the elastic loop doesn't really hold your $100+ Apple Pencil, that it quickly falls out and can be lost as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the iPad Case come with Screen Protector?

Our iPad cases don't include Screen Protector, but we leave room for you to apply any tough screen protector of your choice, giving you extra protection.

Is it an iPad Case cheap?

Cheap and expensive is a relative term. So, we would say that the iPad Cases are currently way cheaper than what they used to be. Keeping a Case in your device and avoiding any screen breaks or aluminum scratches can both situations proves that how cheap and expensive is certainly relative to what we are comparing the product against.

Having said that, we would say that having an iPad Case is still a better option because of the durability it can provide to your device.


  • Rustic Brown Horween leather from the USA
  • Develops a rugged patina
  • Slim construction
  • Protective TPE bumper
  • Apple Pencil compatible
  • Also available for iPad Pro 12.9-inch and in three different colors.

What colors do your iPad cases come in?

We offer Nomad iPad cases in Brown Leather, Black Leather, and Gray.

One of the best features of this iPad Case is that it not only looks nice, but it also provides real security for your iPad. The polycarbonate shell underneath the leather is bonded to a raised TPE bumper for 6-foot drop safety. The iPad screen and cameras are protected by raised edges. Despite the many layers, the Rugged Case is still slim and compact, and it's still wireless charging friendly.

What makes the Nomad iPad Case so special for our creators, besides color variety and style, is the attention to detail. The slim design, the svelte microfiber lining, sleep-wake functionality, the ability to turn it into a stand, and the leather itself.

Is Rugged Case compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad?

The Nomad Rugged iPad Cases offered by Moment are not compatible with any keyboard cases. The Apple iPad Magic Keyboard magnetically attaches onto the back of the iPad (covering the entire back of the iPad), making it incompatible with any case covering.

Are Moment Lenses attachable to my Case?

These cases are made by Nomad and don't have a lens interface to mount a Moment lens. We don't have any plans to make an iPad case with a lens interface either, but Moment makes attaching and detaching your lens from your iPad case a breeze for photo and video. Using the M-Series Lens Mount, screw in your legs, and you’re ready to shoot with perfect precision between your iPad camera lens and attachable Moment lens every time. The new M-Series Lens Mount lens interface enables you to easily attach any M-Series lens to your iPad Camera interface. Its multi-directional design makes it easy to move up, down, right or left. Whether you want to shoot on the front camera or any of the back cameras, this mount makes it simple. Loosen to adjust, tighten down to start shooting.

How do I clean my case?

To clean your clear your protective case:

  1. Remove your iPad device from the case.
  2. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to wipe the outside and inside of the case.
  3. Don't use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, abrasives, or cleaners containing hydrogen peroxide to clean the case.

Will the leather scratch?

Designed with American leather that will scuff and mark. If you always want a perfect finish, this is not the case for you. But, if you are after the perfect authentic leather patina, this is absolutely the case for you.

Need help to find the best Screen Covers for your iPad?

Combining their extraordinary acoustic architecture with award-winning stylish designs to create a high-quality iPad Cover in different colors and materials for your device, iPad Cases always play an important role for creators and in our everyday lives. Several photographers keep them close in their Moment Backpacks or Slings all the time as most of them would find it handy to keep their tablets close for quick edits and photo retouching. In today's world, their usage has definitely changed and increased. And we tried to cover it all here - including the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

However, if you still have a tough time selecting the best iPad Cases for your device and style, feel free to reach out to one of our Gear Guides. You can tell them about your needs, and they'll guide you through the selection process. Also, they will give you personalized recommendations based on your usage. We have an amazing team there who is always ready to help.