Video Conferencing Lights

Take your zoom calls to the next level with lighting made for your home office. These lights and mounts work well on any desk setup and will make you look well lit and beautiful in your next meeting.

Learn More About Video Conferencing Lights

You can do your utmost to get yourself dolled up for your Zoom calls, but without proper video conferencing lights, you’re bound to end up looking dull instead. We’d hate to see it happen, so Moment’s got your back to ensure you look your absolute best when it’s time to toggle your computer’s camera on.

Learn what you need to know & shop for the best light for video conferencing for your workspace and budget here.

Illuminate your Day With a Video Conference Light

Most people know how important lighting is when it comes to extravagant content creation. But what they don’t realize is that the proper lighting can make a simple meeting held in your home office look extravagant.

Examples of poor lighting include glare, flickering lights, insufficient lighting, or too much light. These things can cause call participants to appear unprofessional, negligent, or downright creepy in some cases. Here’s a quick trick for instantly improving your lighting for Zoom meetings (or whatever your Meeting app of choice is).

If you’re sitting near a window, you want to make sure it’s in front or beside you, and NOT behind you, which would cause you to look shadowy. Not good.

And If you’re on the go, not in a well-lit room, or tend to have video calls at night, you’ll need an external light like one of the many low to mid-priced models we sell right here in our shop. Before we show you our favorite choices, let’s go over a couple of things to look for when selecting a light to help take your conference calls to a whole other level!

Our Top Tips: Get a conference light that allows you to control brightness settings when necessary. Lights with color temperature controls are even better, and a light that lets you easily adjust its positioning is a must to avoid some of the scenarios mentioned above.

Video Conference Lights from Lume Cube

We love us some Lume Cube.

If you need an all-around great little light, the Lume Cube Panel Mini is a complete game changer for your conference calls. It’s as small as a credit card with powerful, fully adjustable controls and LED. The Panel Mini is equipped with a white silicone diffuser to create a more crisp image.

Best part? The light is versatile and works in all sorts of scenarios besides video conference calls. Read or watch Caleb Babcock’s full review of the Lume Cube Panel Mini here.

Video Conference Lights From Aputure

For those who require a little more pizazz from their video conferencing light, Aputure’s MC RGB Portable Light is an impressively powerful option, especially for its size and price point. The MC is Aputure’s first light to include full HSI color control, which allows you to replicate any color in the palm of your hand. That’ll help you stand out from the crowd. And, of course, it offers multiple control options and mounting solutions for any situation.

Full Video Conference Lighting Kit

If you want an all-in-one option, we need to go full circle and bring up the Lume Cube Panel Mini again. Moment offers a Video Conference Lighting Bundle for the Panel Mini that includes a suction mount to slap this light on any device. From your iPhone or tablet to your desktop or laptop. Place it right above your webcam to get its soft light to illuminate your beautiful face during calls.

These are just a couple from our incredible lineup of video conferencing lights, but as you can already probably tell, we have the perfect piece of equipment to save you from any lighting catastrophe. From the light for Zoom meeting sessions to studio lights, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best lighting for video conferencing?

The best lighting for video conferencing illuminates your face to look crisp, clear, and even. The simplest way to do this (providing you’re not sitting in an immaculately lit studio) is getting your hands on one of Moment’s video conferencing lights like Aputure’s MC RGB Portable Light or the Lume Cube Panel Mini. Both are great for regular Zoom calls or more elaborate photo/video shoots. When setting up, you want the light to be in front of you.

How do you light yourself for video conferencing?

To light yourself for video conferencing, choose a well-lit room to hold your meetings. If you’re near a window, make sure it’s not behind you. To look your absolute best and brightest during your meetings, invest in a good video conferencing light from Moment -- curated by in-the-field pros at GREAT prices.

What is the best lighting for Zoom meetings?

The best lighting for Zoom meetings include the MC RGB Portable light from Aputure or the Panel Mini from Lume Cube. Both of these lights offer tremendous power, customizability, and versatility at a great value. No more looking like a locked video game character!

Are ring lights good for video calls?

Ring lights can be good for video calls, but the easiest way to look like a million bucks during video calls is investing in a good video conferencing light, designed specifically for the task at hand. Here at Moment, we sell world-class lights like these for as little as $60.

Wrap Up

The latest data tells us that the whole home office lifestyle is here to stay. Meaning Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Whereby, and apps like these are where most of our work (and play) meetings are taking place. If you want to avoid looking like an amateur during group conferencing calls, investing in a good video conference light is the way to go -- they’re powerful, versatile, portable, and help create a better experience your friends and colleagues, while making you look good at the same time! What more can we ask for in a conference light?

If you still need help selecting the best light for your needs, reach out to a knowledgeable Gear Guide. They’ll be happy to help you find a light that will make you look amazing on your next call!