Phone Lights

You don't have to shoot studio portraits and product images on a big camera, you'd be amazed at what you can do with the phone and some good lighting.

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In the past few years, the creative industry has been growing really fast. The barrier of entry to be in the creative industry was quite a lot higher earlier. However, things have changed now – thanks to what an individual creator can achieve by just using a smartphone. And well, if the same creator wants to grow further, they can get some phone lights to achieve higher production quality.

In this new era, you are not bound to have camera flashes and studio lighting equipment. There are a lot of lighting options – and phone lights are just one of those options. You can achieve great results by just using different phone lights. Also, they have several features of the bigger lights – like the adjustments in brightness and color temperature – while also being portable and battery-operated.

What is a phone light?

A phone light is a part of the lighting equipment – that comes in a smaller form factor. The form factor of these lights is tiny – with some even being able to fit in your pockets – but they are still pretty powerful. And unlike the bigger studio lights, you don’t need to keep them plugged in to operate them. They are always running on a battery – so charge them, and they’ll be ready to go whenever you need them.

As these are battery-operated and can be easily charged using USB Cables, you can even use some Power Banks if you need to charge them on the go. Sure, there are battery packs available for the bigger studio lights – but they are huge and bulky to carry around or even store if you work from a home studio. So, phone lights are the way to go if you need good light in a smaller size.

What are the types of Phone Lights?

Even with the Phone Lights, you can select from a variety of options. While most people think of selfie ring lights as the only option, that is not the reality. You can get portable flashes, continuous light panels, and even beam lights. Let’s learn a bit more about these options as well.


When we think about camera flashes, we usually think that they will be the same bigger-sized flashes that we use for DSLRs or Mirrorless Cameras. However, as the technologies advance, we can get a great external flash – which has a tiny form factor – and works in sync with our mobile phones.

One such flash that we carry in our store is the C1 Plus Mobile Light by Profoto. And while its primary function would be to work as a flash, we can also use it as a continuous light. So, you can get two different types of light – by purchasing only one light.

It is also essential to note that it is a portable mobile light – which runs on a battery. So, you’ll need to charge it with a USB charger. But once that’s done, you will be good to go for about 2000 flashes or about 40 minutes of continuous light – on full power. And well, that's pretty great battery life.

Continuous Lights

Just like the continuous studio lights, these are great for video shoots. And even though the form factor is smaller, these are still pretty powerful lights. These lights are mainly available in the form of panel lights – and typically have a diffuser on top of the LEDs. So, the light that it will throw won’t create harsh shadows on the subject.

As these are available in the form of panel lights, you can also attach some of these panel lights on top of your camera. Not only that, but you can also put these lights in weird locations to get unique lighting for your setup. Also, the lights like Aputure MC RGB Portable Light – can also be stuck onto a metal surface – which can be really handy in some locations where you can’t fit in huge lights.

Spot or Beam Lights

Spot or Beam Lights are one of the smallest lights available in the market. These are extremely small to carry around – and yet very powerful to showcase a subject. You can use them alongside other lights to fill up the scene or individually to create moody photos.

If you are someone who shoots small-sized products – like jewelry items or even food items like cookies, these small beam lights can come in handy to draw the viewer's attention to the subject. Also, they can create deep contrast in a photo – when used individually.

They aren’t only useful for clicking a photo – but you can also use them in a creative way for videos. You can create moody product videos by using these lights by just throwing light on specific parts of the product. Once you start using these lights, the ideas will continue to flow in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you enter the creative field, you always need to start with the basics. So, there’s a good chance that you are making your first lights purchase – and it’s alright to have questions before placing an order. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the phone lights here – which might help you out.

Can I change the color temperature and brightness levels on portable lights?

Yes, you can do that on the lights that support it.

While most newer lights support this feature, some lower-priced lights won’t support this. Usually, the lower-priced ones will allow you to change brightness levels – but not the color temperature. So, while making a purchase, make sure that the light you buy supports it. One of our prime recommendations for this type of light would be MC RGB Portable Light by Aputure.

I want to carry a powerful light in my pocket. Do you have that?

Yes, we have them in our store.

You can go with any of the spot or beam lights as they can easily fit in your pocket. And don’t judge them by their size as they are compelling lights. Lume Cube Light 2.0 is the one you should definitely check out for such lights. Also, there are some similar options by Litra and Joby – which are also great.

Is a powerful portable flash available in your store?

Yes, we carry a powerful portable flash in our store. The C1 Plus Mobile Light by Profoto can run for up to 2000 full-powered flashes on a single charge. And hey, you can also use the continuous light mode on this light, making it a great buying option.

Can I attach a light panel directly to my smartphone?

Yes, you can do that with some lights.

There are mainly three lights in our store which would do this job easily for you. However, there are a few more tools that will be required here. To make your purchase easier and simpler, we offer a complete Mobile Lighting Bundle – which will include all the required tools in the purchase. And they only show the lights that support mounting directly to the smartphone.

Is a selfie ring light better than a panel light for social media content?

Not really. While selfie ring lights are still pretty powerful, their use cases are lesser than that of the panel lights. Also, with the panel lights, you won’t have to deal with the weird ring light reflection in your eyes. So, if you are selecting between one of those two types, we would highly recommend going for panel lights.

I already have a studio lighting setup. Should I still invest in these portable lights?

Absolutely. Even if you already have a studio lighting setup, you should still invest in portable phone lights. They are handy in locations where bigger lights won’t fit. Also, you can carry these smaller lights on the go – unlike the studio lighting equipment. Not only that, but you can also use them to fill in different parts of your scene – without getting them in the frame.

Like the studio lights, can I use color gels on phone lights as well?

Yes. If your lights don’t support changing color temperature, you can always use color gels on the outside and change the color according to your needs. Profoto also has a C1 Plus Creative Gel Kit – that can easily attach to their C1 Plus Light.

What brands do you carry?

We carry Aputure, Joby, Litra, Lume Cube, and Profoto in our store. If you need any phone lights from them, we will have them for you.

Wrap Up

We hope that the information provided here will help you make the correct purchase decision. However, we also understand that you might still have some questions regarding these lights. So, if you do, you can reach out via email to one of our Gear Guides. Let them know about your needs, and they’ll help you select the best product – based on your needs.