Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

We just funded three new products in our latest Kickstarter campaign. 

Every Moment product starts with the customer. We’ve spent the past three years connecting, listening, and learning from thousands of our customers, each with slightly different needs, but all with a shared desire to capture better images, faster. 

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Three New Products For Better Mobile Photos


iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

The more we shoot, the more battery we require. Meet a new type of battery case that brings power and photography together like never before.



Ships in July


iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
Google Pixel / Pixel XL

This case is everything we love about minimal photography. Adding only 3mm in thickness to your phone, this is the thinnest lens mountable case in the Moment family.



Ships in June


An aspherical lens that captures stunning images with edge to edge clarity. All the features of our most popular Wide Lens, but optimized for bigger sensors on newer devices. 



Ships in June

Designed By Photographers, Built For Everyone

Watch our Kickstarter film to learn why we launched three new products.


The first battery case for mobile photography.



Starting with the battery, we wanted a case that let you shoot all day. One that delivered on the promise of power without the extra bulk. Using a custom design, the iPhone 7+ Case packs a 3500 mAh battery and the iPhone 7 carries a 2500 mAH battery. Both larger than the phone batteries themselves, this translates into more than a 100% recharge of your phone. Beyond battery size, we wanted to make the case easy to use. It automatically keeps your phone charged whenever it’s inside. And because we like to provide a little extra control, you can turn charging settings on and off inside the Moment App, something most other battery cases don’t provide.


Shooting with a button can be faster than tapping the screen, especially if your subject is moving. And when you’re shooting with one hand, it’s always awkward trying to hold onto the phone and touch the screen at once. Using the Moment App, you can half-press the shutter button to lock the subject and full press to shoot (photo or video). In the Apple camera app you can full press to shoot. And in both apps, pressing and holding unlocks burst mode.


We made mounting a Moment lens easier, stronger, and more reliable. The larger lens diameter on the iPhone 7 and the dual lenses on the the 7+ forced us to redesign the Moment lens interface. Slightly larger, we now have enough room to make an interface that clicks into place using a spring loaded mechanism. Not only is it easier to mount a Moment lens, but for the first time you can also put our glass over the Wide or Tele lens on the 7+. This opens up the ability to take even more creative shots.


Cameras are meant to be worn, and a phone camera is no exception. No longer stuck in your pocket, you can wear your case on your wrist, around your neck, inside your jacket, or outside your dress.


We wanted to create a camera body that added minimal bulk to your phone, provided enough protection for adventure, and enabled one handed shooting. In addition, the finely textured surface provides better grip in every kind of weather. Dropped phones can be devastating, we’re here to help. Having spent months iterating on the smallest of details, we believe this is the thinnest, most usable battery case available for people who love to take pictures.


Where other battery cases use a micro-USB connector and their own power cables, we designed the Battery Photo Case with a lightning connector, enabling you to use your standard Apple cables. Plug your case into the wall to recharge or into your laptop to recharge and sync. No extra cables to forget, plug in and hit the road.


 A thin, lens mountable case for picture takers.


The Photo Case is our first minimal, lens mountable case. To all the customers who asked for a thin, non-electronic Moment case—this one’s for you. The Photo Case features our newly redesigned Moment lens interface—stronger, more reliable, and easier to mount a lens with a spring loaded mechanism that allows the lens to click into place.


The Photo Case is everything we love about minimal photography. Adding only 3mm in thickness to your phone, this is the thinnest lens mountable case we’ve ever made. It’s slim and unobtrusive in your pocket, yet readily available when you want to shoot.


The Photo Case has a textured material that provides a better grip (and looks great). Choose between black canvas and real walnut wood.


Attach a strap to your phone case so you can wear it like a real camera and keep your phone out of your pocket, ready to shoot.


An aspherical lens that captures stunning images with edge to edge clarity.


Using our proprietary design process, we have created a stunning aspheric lens that delivers exceptional edge to edge image quality. This all-glass asphere improves on our already class-leading distortion correction and maintains razor sharp images on iPhone’s F/1.8 aperture. We went through many design iterations until we came to what we believe is the best mobile photography lens in the world. 


In order to accommodate the larger iPhone aperture, we made this lens slightly bigger, enabling us to take advantage of every photon without compromise. A larger lens also makes the optics more tolerant to misalignment, so unwanted dark corners are a thing of the past. 


Thanks to our amazing customers, we received plenty of feedback about how to make the new lens interface easier to use. With slightly larger tabs, better visual markings, and a spring loaded detent, you will have more confidence when installing and shooting with Moment. 



Why New Lenses?

iPhone 7, Pixel, and S8 are changing the future of mobile photography. Their use of larger aperture sensors forced us to redesign our Wide Lens from the ground up, in order to maintain our edge to edge clarity. You can read this Momentist article if you want all the nitty gritty detail behind designing these new lenses. 

What Has Changed?

1) The New Wide lens is the only lens with new glass. Our New Tele, Superfish and Macro rely on the same glass. The image quality on the New Wide lens is stunning.

2) All of our new lenses include our new lens interface. It's easier to use, stronger, and subtly clicks into place.

How Do They Attach?

Original Lenses

Our original lenses attach with a Lens Mounting Plate or one of the Moment cases. 

If you have the original lenses and want to use them with one of our new cases, you can do so with an Original Lens Adapter.

New Lenses

The new lenses attach with one of our new cases—Photo Case or Battery Photo Case

The new lenses no longer rely on mounting plates, which means the only way they attach is with a Moment case. We did this because the user experience is significantly better and because we can make the interface more reliable over time.

Design Process

Every Moment product starts with the customer.

Our research started in the field with people who love to shoot with their phones. From amateurs to professionals, picture takers to filmers, we studied their entire customer journey well before we started designing any solutions.

Our research resulted in a few consistent patterns. It gave us the insight that customers either wanted their case to do more, or they wanted it to do less.

From this, two new projects were born… the Simple Case and Super Case.

Improved Ergonomics

Phones continue to get thinner and thinner, which is perfect for our pockets but challenging for those of us who like to take pictures. The thinner they get, the harder they are to hold, especially in varying weather conditions.

Going back to original cameras we spent a lot of time re-studying how people hold a camera versus a phone. How they use a button versus their fingers. And when they shoot in landscape orientation versus portrait.

We created dozens of different prototypes, testing button locations, sizes, orientations, shapes, and forms. We looked at sharp phone edges versus rounded curves. Pronounced grips versus subtle ones. We also spent time testing these in the wild, to understand how they worked in various temperatures and weather conditions.

Minimizing Size

Different from traditional cameras, thickness is everything when it comes to mobile photography. Because the phone lives in our pocket for most of the day we realized that every millimeter added to the back of the phone would matter.

The Simple Case was a study in subtraction. Starting with the thickest part of the case, the lens interface, we started concepting a new interface that was both thinner and stronger. Next we rethought the strap attachment, creating solutions that made the attachment easier to use while the phone is inside. Lastly we explored how much plastic versus TPE rubber would be required to provide enough protection from the occasional drop, without adding unnecessary bulk.

The Super Case started with a study of batteries. The entire architecture of the case was based on the different battery shapes available and how we could minimize thickness. Going through dozens of off-the-shelf batteries, we came to realize that a custom solution was the only way to achieve the thinness we desired.

Fix What’s Weak

In making the first Moment Case, one of the core lessons we learned is that reliability is everything. Moments can’t be missed because a lens doesn’t attach or a case doesn’t connect. Tearing down our own products and reading through hundreds of customer emails, we looked at every weakness in our current user experience.

Of everything we decided to tackle, the lens interface and shutter button were our biggest design challenges.

The wider lenses on the iPhone 7 and the dual lenses on the 7+ forced us to rethink our metal on metal lens interface. A solution that enabled Moment lenses to work with and without a case, its limitations could be seen over time. Now by removing the thin metal plates were free to rethink how we could make the interface easier to use, stronger to locking a lens into place, and less likely to wear over time.

Wanting to deliver the speed of a DSLR shutter button we started over with the Moment shutter button. From the shape of the button, to how it sits in the phone, to the technology behind it, we iterated through dozens of electro-mechanical solutions. The addition of a battery enabled us to explore the lighting connector, something that dramatically improved speed and removed any potential issues with connectivity. At the same time, we looked at new parts and a different mechanical structure to deliver the half-press and full-press that we know and love from our DSLR cameras.

Let The Glass Speak

When designing mobile lenses, size is the number one discussion. The larger the lens, the more glass you can use, and the better the image quality. The desire for more glass is in direct contrast to the convenience for your pocket.

Looking at our current lenses we went back to making models of different lens sizes. From small to really large we put these models in pockets, hands, and bags to see how their size impacted the user experience.

At the same time our lens engineers started redesigning the wide lens against the new F1.8 aperture. By being able to widen the first element, we had a lot more opportunity to improve the quality of the lens. Battling with size versus image quality, we went through many design iterations until we came to what we believe is the best wide angle mobile lens in the world.

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