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You create the trip. Together we crowdfund it. Then, we make it happen. Think of us as your personal tour operator... turning that dream photo trip of yours into reality.

Moment Travel Becomingaguide Howitworks
1 Moment Itinerary

From legendary photo spots, to the shots you plan on bagging, to epic adventures between (places to stay, food you eat, etc.)...outline the photo trip you’ve always wanted to take. We review your itinerary, help you build the trip, and together get ready to announce it.

2 Moment Makeitago 2

We publish your trip on Moment Travel. You share it with your followers and we share it with ours. The trip is a go if we get at least four reservations in the first four weeks. If not, no worries let’s concept a new trip and launch it again.

3 Moment Organizetrip

Once the trip is a go, we kick into high gear organizing all the trip details including making reservations, paying deposits, and handling all the logistics you are too busy to worry about. We’ll make sure the trip is sold out and the guests are stoked for the advent.

4 Moment Makeitepic

On the trip you’ll work with our tour operator to hit your legendary photo spots where you’ll share your knowledge of what to shoot and how to shoot. Good times, insane photos, and new skills...this is what a photo trip is all about.