What is the Moment Photo Case Upgrade Guarantee?

Moment is made to last. Here is a brief overview of what this means and which products this promise applies to. Below you'll find a video you should watch to get a better idea of what this means for your gear.


Samsung S8 / S8+

Here’s the big news you’ve been waiting for! We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that our Galaxy S8 / S8+ Photo Cases are now on pre-order. 

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moment iphone 8, 8+, and x guarnatee

iPhone 8 & iPhone X

We have confirmed our current cases and lenses work with iPhone 8 / 8 Plus. A new Photo Case for the iPhone X is available on pre-order now and will be shipping in December. We will have more news on a new Battery Case for the iPhone X we will talk about publicly later in October.

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Google is keeping any word of their newest phones under wraps. Regardless of what new Pixel device Google releases next, we promise to support it.

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