Phone Gimbals

Turn your phone into a Hollywood machine with ultra-stabilized footage only produced by a highly effective smartphone gimbal.

Learn More About Phone Gimbals

Just as large cameras and big 3-axis gimbals & rigs go together like a ship and anchor -- we could say phone gimbals or the “mobile gimbal” and smartphones harmoniously pair like the needles of a clock. Keeping your analog timekeeper stabilized while it stays in motion.

Phone gimbals help turn jerky video footage into smooth smartphone videos for audiences to watch over and over, in awe of how a filmmaker can capture moving footage that’s so dang buttery and hollywoodeque (not to mention forgetting to realize that it's shot on your phone).

Similar to their larger counterparts, phone gimbals tilt, pan, and roll with where your hand goes and reduces the shake of the footage. See our main gimbals page if you want to learn more about how the technology works.

Finding and selecting the best gimbal for iPhone users (or androids users -- hehe) can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but take a deep breath. Moment makes the process straightforward by offering only the best gear selected by our experts and including top-notch guidance on using them to the fullest.

Learn everything you need to know to get started creating silky smooth footage for YouTube and other platforms regardless of your movements:

We’ve done reviews on gimbals for medium and large cameras, even shared our personal top picks of the best phone gimbals (you’ll have to read on to find out which made it to the list), but now let’s do a quick recap on what phone gimbals are, how and why to use them, and share that list of best phone gimbals we made from comparing and curating the best of everything out there.

Features of a Great Smartphone Stabilizer

As with buying any new tool for your gear bag, you need to pay attention to specific features that will make your work easier. After all, that's the point of a gimbal when you think about it. Let’s break down a couple of characteristics that make your gimbal for iPhone (or Android) work for you.


Although we’re talking about phone gimbals here, they still vary in size and weight. Consider what the purpose of your gimbal is. Will you be holding it in your hands as you walk, jog, climb, etc., or is your plan to keep it mounted? If it's the former, how long do you think your projects will last -- since carrying a good-sized gimbal can get cumbersome pretty quick. We sell gimbals from under two pounds to about seven pounds. Small enough to carry or mount while supporting heavy payloads. This brings us to the next thing to look for.


Now, payload for smartphone gimbals never hold as much as large ones, but on the flip side, all the smartphone gimbals we carry have incredible payload-to-weight ratios, supporting the bulkiest phones you’ve got.

Battery Life

Your iPhone stabilizer’s battery is a feature to look for when choosing a phone gimbal. Creatives on the move need equipment that lasts as long as they do. All of our professionally hand-selected phone stabilizers feature long hours of runtime -- from seven (if you’re working a full day) to 14 (for the workaholics/non-stop shooters).


This brings us to your gimbal’s functionalities and technical features. This is where our products shine as our shop is packed to the virtual brim with phone gimbals full of modern features, buttons, and gesture controls to help you capture your smoothest footage as seamlessly as possible. You want a gimbal that’s easy to set up and use, and that’s what we’ve got here at Moment. Many gimbals can be set up vertically or horizontally. Some gimbals for larger cameras also come with phone holders so that you can attach any device you’ve got to shoot with.

Long story short:

Some DSLR and cine camera gimbals can support your smartphone, but if you only need a lightweight phone gimbal, there are aspects like size, payload, battery life, and functionality to keep in mind. Moment’s smartphone rigs come with most of the cinematic features found in those larger robust rigs.

Top Gimbal Options for Creatives in Motion

As promised, here’s our definitive list of the best phone gimbals money can buy. You can skip to the full reviews down below if you want in-depth coverage mixed in with some field testing.

DJI OSMO Mobile 4 (OM 4)

For beginner and intermediate videographers, the OM 4 is a 3-axis gimbal and one of our favorites here at Moment. It’s powerful, equipped with a sophisticated user interface, yet it’s simple to use with its single-button shooting experience. The lightweight, capabilities, ease of use, and price give this joystick our top spot in our list of best phone gimbals.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

There must be something that draws us to the number four, but the Smooth 4 made it to our list as the phone gimbal of best value. It’s the most affordable gimbal that supports Moment’s lenses. Though budget-friendly, the Smooth 4 makes you feel like you’re working with a higher-end DSLR gimbal. It’s packed with features like the “multifunctional wheel” which lets you control your smartphone with full-featured big camera controls. Get the full scoop on the Zhiyun gimbal on the full review page below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the best gimbal for mobile?

The best gimbal for mobile videographers depends on your needs and skill level, but here’s what our experts recommend.

  • Best gimbal for beginners: DJ OM 4
  • Best gimbal for the value: Zhiyun Smooth 4
  • Best gimbal for pros: Freefly Movi

We carry all three of these here in our shop + have a lot more gimbals for a lot more devices, but we strongly believe any of these three are guaranteed to get your job done beautifully.

Are phone gimbals worth it?

Yes. Phone gimbals are 100% worth the investment if you want to shoot buttery smooth footage from your phone. As phone cameras become more sophisticated and filmmaking from phones becomes more popular, gimbals for phones become more essential. Don’t fall behind.

Best part? We sell phone gimbals inspected and chosen by pros at tremendous values, here at Moment. Check them out now.

What is gimbal for phone?

A gimbal for phone is just like a gimbal for your DSLR or cine camera. They stabilize and support your phone’s camera along its axes, allowing you to capture epically silky footage while on the move and help give even videos shot on your smartphone a rich & cinematic feel. You’ll forget (and your audience won’t notice) your movie came from the lens of your smartphone.

Is there a gimbal for iPhone and GoPro?

Yes. There are a plethora of gimbals for iPhone and GoPro, many of which we sell right here in our shop, such as the Zhiyun Smooth 4 for your phone. Moment is the only place online to find the best gimbal for iPhone and other devices handpicked by professional filmmakers at the best value.

Wrap Up

If your smartphone is the peanut butter, then the proper phone gimbal is jelly (except way less limiting). Videographers, vloggers, and other filmmakers who shoot while on the move know that phone gimbals are essential elements to include in their toolboxes. If you need help filling your gear bag with the proper gimbal, get a Gear GUIDE to help you find one for your needs, get you set up, and help assist you in making your next (or first) viral video of your dog riding a skateboard. Happy shopping!