Tele Lens

Getting Started With Your Tele Lens

Video - 02:10 minutes

Our Tele lens is one of our most versatile lenses. The Tele is perfect for shooting portraits because of its "depth of field" like rendering, ideal for those who don't have portrait mode or lens blur as an option on their phone. This lens is also a great addition to any landscape photographers kit allowing you to get even closer to your subject from a distance. If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you can now mount your Tele lens over the dual lens using the Moment App and Photo or Battery Case for an even closer shot. 

Cleaning Your Tele Lens

Video - 01:10 minutes

The very best way to clean your Lens is with the Moment Lens pen which is available on the site

Use the brush end of the pen to wipe away any excess dirt or debris. Use the microfiber tip for clearing away any fine dust, smudges, or fingerprints. If you don’t have a Moment lens pen, the microfiber lens bag works great to clean the front element of the lens. The small back element of the lens can also be cleaned with a simple household Q-tip, if you don’t have the pen. It’s also helpful to clean your phone’s camera lens where dust or lint can collect.

Complete Guide: Taking Better Portraits On Your Phone

Video - 02:49 minutes

We asked Seattle photographer, Julia Manchik, to shoot with the Pixel 2 camera and share some tips for taking better portraits with your phone. The best part is that Pixel 2's  portrait mode works with our lenses!

Using the iPhone Dual Lens

Video - 06:39 minutes

We wanted to give you a quick guide on how to shoot with either lens on your iPhone with Moment Lenses. Taking advantage of both cameras on the iPhone X, 8 Plus, or 7 Plus can open up even more creativity.

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