Tele 58mm

Getting started with your Tele 58mm Lens

Video - 5:54 minutes

The new Moment 58mm Tele has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Taking everything we’ve learned about the latest and greatest smartphone cameras, we’ve optimized the optics for the new larger sensors and higher image quality devices such as iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Note 9. The lens also performs amazingly on all the devices we support with our Case, Battery Case, and Wallet Case.

Tele 58mm Lens Review

Video - 11:49 minutes

The Tele 58mm lens will make you want to ditch your DSLR and capture creamy bokeh with a natural depth of field. An entirely new optical design uses a sophisticated six element, all glass stack-up, and slightly reduced magnification from our first Tele. The slight magnification reduction enables us to create the edge-to-edge sharpness for standard wide-angle smartphone cameras and also optimize image quality for dual lens smartphones, creating a true 100mm+ optical telephoto solution for dual camera phones.

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