Mounting Plate

The Moment Mounting Plate attaches any Original Moment Lens to a variety of compatible phones. (Difference between New and Original lenses HERE) These accessory mounting plates are great for moving your Moment Lenses across multiple devices.

Attaching Your Mounting Plate

Video - 02:07 minutes

When mounting your plate, make sure you are in an area that is room temperature or warmer to ensure the best possible bond between the adhesive and the phone. Allow the plate to properly adhere for as long as possible. The adhesive takes 48-72 hours to fully cure, so if you can — wait to start using it, or be careful in the first couple days of using the plate. 

Removing Your Mounting Plate

Video - 01:04 minutes


1. We recommend using a heat source, such as a heat gun or a simple hair dryer to warm up the adhesive underneath the plate. This makes the plate much easier to remove.

2. Turn the hair dryer or heat gun on a low setting, keeping the heat gun or hair dryer at a distance of about 6 – 12 inches from the phone – move it in a fanning motion back and forth over the mounting plate. Do this continuously until the adhesive becomes loose and easy to remove. This can take a few minutes, so be patient.

3. Next, grab one of the plate’s edges and peel it away from one side until it detaches from the phone.

4. Any remaining residue from the adhesive can easily be removed with an alcohol solution such as nail polish remover or cleaning cloth.