Osmo Counterweight

Setting Up Your Moment Counterweight

It’s important to know that before you power on the Osmo Mobile you will want to achieve Self Balance. Meaning, you want to make the balance as close to perfect before even hitting that on button. This will give you the best results. 

Insert your phone with the Photo case on and Lens attached. 

Please note - The iPhone 7/8 Plus photo case has a very tight fit. The Clamp of the Osmo is just big enough to fit, but It will require a little more force. We suggest lining up the end and sliding it in parallel to the clamp. 

To attach your counterweight - slide the open side onto the curved arm of the Osmo. Pro tip - if you slide it on at a slight angle it goes on the easiest. 

The counterweight clips onto a specific section of the Osmo arm, so if it’s not feeling right, don’t force it, or you could break the clip. 

Once the counterweight is clipped on you can then adjust the roll axis arm on the Osmo mobile to find perfect balance.  Just a note, your phone will still lean forwards from the weight of the lens, but the horizontal balance will be good. 

Now you can Power up the Osmo and go shoot. 

To remove the counterweight, Turn the Osmo off. Then, Simply press the lower tab in while twisting up. The counterweight will slide off effortlessly. 

How to keep the Osmo out of your shot

The best way to make sure the Osmo is not in the corner of your shots is to shoot in "flashlight mode." 

This is when you tilt the gimbal forward while squeezing the Osmo's trigger and release it when the handle is sitting parallel with the ground. This will make sure the lens has a clear field of view all around it. 

To adjust back to the regular setting, squeeze that trigger again while moving the handle back to perpendicular with the ground. Check out the photo below showing what flashlight mode looks like.

Dsc 3914