Original Photo Case

Getting Started With Your Moment Case

Video - 02:02 minutes

The Moment Case is the first iPhone case that makes your phone work more like a camera. With a DSLR-like shutter button, lens interface, and strap attachment, this thin, everyday case brings the best of traditional photography back to your phone. Perfect for anyone who loves to capture beautiful photos and videos with their iPhone.

Shooting Action And On The Go

Video - 01:40 minutes

Everything is moving so fast and you never want to miss out on capturing those special moments. The Moment Case’s DSLR like shutter button allows you to capture fast moving action and scenes, with a simple press of the button. The Case is perfect for one-handed shooting when you’re on the go. Never miss a shot again when you’re biking, hiking, or exploring the city.

Updating Your Firmware

Video - 01:22 minutes

In this video we walk you through the simple steps to update your Moment Case Firmware. This update will allow you to use the Moment Case’s shutter button with Apple’s native camera app for iPhone.

How - To