Macro Lens

Getting Started With Your Moment Macro

Video - 7:07 minutes

We love tiny details, so we made a Macro Lens to captures life-size images of the smallest objects. What we love most about the Macro Lens is that you can spend an entire day getting lost in your own house, garden, or shop exploring miniature details. Textures, materials, and even water beads become a whole new realm to explore.

Removing Your Diffuser Hood

Video - 01:12 minutes

One thing a Lot of people don’t realize is that the diffuser hood is actually removable. And it’s super easy to do! To remove the diffuser hood, take the lens with one hand and grasp the hood’s outer edge with the other and simply pinch and pull which will loosen the seal and allow the hood to detach from the lens. It takes a bit of force, but don’t worry you won’t break it.

Cleaning Your Moment Macro

Video - 01:10 minutes

The very best way to clean your Lens is with the Moment Lens pen which is available on the site.

Use the brush end of the pen to wipe away any excess dirt or debris. Use the microfiber tip for clearing away any fine dust, smudges, or fingerprints. If you don’t have a Moment lens pen, the microfiber lens bag works great to clean the front element of the lens. The small back element of the lens can also be cleaned with a simple household Q-tip, if you don’t have the pen. It’s also helpful to clean your phone’s camera lens where dust or lint can collect.

Using the iPhone Dual Lens

Video - 06:39 minutes

We wanted to give you a quick guide on how to shoot with either lens on your iPhone with Moment Lenses. Taking advantage of both cameras on the iPhone X, 8 Plus, or 7 Plus can open up even more creativity.

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