Moment App

Shooting On The Moment App

Video - 03:07 minutes

We guide you through everything you need to know about the Moment App. Learn how to take full control of your images and videos before sharing them with the world. Take advantage of 4K video options, RAW images, manual controls such as exposure, temperature, and focus sliders, plus much more. 

What's New On The Moment App

Video - 01:37 minutes

We're excited to announce our latest version of the Moment App! This update now works with the new Moment Battery Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Not only did we make shooting with the Battery Case faster, but we also enabled you to control the charging of your Battery Case and display charging levels for both your phone and the case itself. Lastly, we made it faster to launch the app with the new widget and 3D touch. 

Customizing Your Toolbar

Video - 3:09 minutes

We walk you through the Moment App's toolbar, how to customize it to your shooting style, and an in depth overview about photo and video mode. This step-by-step guide is everything you need to know about the app's icons and their functionalities. Download the Moment App here

3D Shutter Button

Video - 00:45 seconds

We talk about half press and full press functionality using 3D touch on the Moment app. This new feature makes shooting on your phone feel even more like a traditional camera. Use the half press function to focus, and full press to take a photo. Only available on iPhone 6s devices and higher. Download the Moment App here

On-The-Go With Moment App & Case

Video - 1:40 minutes

Shooting action just got a whole lot easier. Learn how to shoot moving subjects both on video and in photo mode while using the Moment App and your Moment Case. We talk about locking focus, shooting one handed, and capturing motion using the app and a shutter button case. Download the Moment App here to get started. 

Shooting Video

Video - 2:07 minutes

We walk you through how to get the most out of your video camera. The Moment App is a must have for every shooters kit and lets you get the most out of your phone when shooting.


Video - 1:37 minutes

Whether shooting photos or videos you can use guides to help you line up the shot. The square grid helps you to frame shots in a 1x1 aspect ratio and grid of thirds gives you the potential to view true center and also adhere to the rule of thirds when framing your shot.

How - To