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What's New - Pro Camera iOS

Video - 10:31 minutes

Introducing Pro Camera 4.0...the best way to shoot time-lapses on your phone.

Our new time-lapse feature brings the best of time lapse (setting intervals) with the best of slow motion (light trails and blurs). We put this together into an easy to use experience so anyone can start shooting time lapses on their phone. You pick the intervals, the number of shots, the type of blur, and we tell you how long you’ll need to record. All of your shots get grouped into a single video that you can export to any kind of setting that you want...including 4K.

How to Shoot Long Exposure

Video - 10:31 minutes

Introducing Slow Shutter, a new kind of long exposure. Select the new shooting mode to capture brilliant light trails and motion blur. Perfect for removing crowds from a busy scene or painting with light.

Walk Through Tutorial - Pro Camera App

Video - 14:46 minutes

Caleb guides you through how to start shooting with Pro Camera. Learn how to take full control of your images and videos before sharing them with the world. Take advantage of 4K video options, RAW images, manual controls such as shutter speed, ISO, focus, and much more. 

The Ultimate Guide to Manual Photography on Mobile

Video - 6:53 minutes

When we’re documenting our life’s greatest adventures with our smartphone in hand, it’s easy to simply point and tap. A majority of the camera’s parameters are automatically set by our phone’s sensor, making manual functions nearly impossible by the photographer. Luckily, with third party applications, such as the Moment - Pro Camera App (wink, wink!), you’re now able to independently control each setting. Adjust the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and more...all in the palm on your hand to really get the most of your mobile work. Pffft, who needs a DSLR?

f you're looking to take your photo skills to the next level, check out our guide with everything you need to know about shooting manual. 


The Ultimate Guide to Manual Video on Mobile

Video - 12:56 minutes

Gorgeous mobile filmmaking is more than just swiping up into the native app and hitting record. Really understanding your manual settings will affect the final output of your video. By conceptualizing manual settings like frames per second, resolution, shutter speed, and more. — you’ll be shooting movies on your phone like a true pro in no time. Download the Moment Pro Camera App to unlock full manual controls on your mobile device.

Your phone can be a powerhouse for filmmaking. Check out our guide to learn everything you need to know about manual video settings. 


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