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The new Movi is a smart, capable cinema robot designed to bring professional camera moves to your phone's camera. Movi’s incredible stabilization technology is the same found in Freefly's professional rigs, only smaller, more portable, and easier to use. Pair with their free iPhone app to make your Movi even smarter, adding pro-level modes including Majestic, Echo, Timelapse, Smartpod and more.

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Movi will start shipping in early 2018. Orders will be charged at time of purchase. Additional items ordered with Movi will ship when Movi ships.

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December 6, 2017

Introducing The New Movi by Freefly

It has been hard to keep the new Movi a secret. We have been honored to work with Freefly on testing this new video robot. Freefly has been making some of the most innovative cinema products in the world and now they are bringing the prowess to mobile video. This is the best mobile gimbal we've ever seen.

We actually produced the first short film on Movi, just no one knew at the time. When we set out to test our new iPhone X gear, we shot it all on a Movi with Moment and an iPhone. From the ease of use to the advanced filming modes (majestic, echo, timelapse, orbit, etc) Freefly thought about every detail. If you are looking for more control this is the gimbal for you.

Tim Sessler used one of the first Movi's to make a short film called VORTEX. Here is more about the project.

Since it's inception, Brooklyn Aerials has been lucky enough to revolutionize a handful of shooting techniques. We pioneered the dolly-zoom (aka. 'Vertigo-effect') and extreme roll movements on the drone, pushed drone lighting into a new realm and captured NYC in new ways that haven't been seen before with our pieces STREETS and MOMENTS.

Our latest piece, VORTEX, explores the streets of NYC yet again and uses the first handheld gimbal that is capable of 360° barrel roll moves: Freefly Systems MoVI iPhone gimbal.

In BALANCE we used the roll effect on helicopter and drone to create a feeling of uneasiness and confusion, within a space and city that we are all familiar with (in some way or another).

Read more about the project on Tim's blog:

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