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Film cameras can be hard enough, take the load off and make the job easier with some accessories.

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Whether you want to decorate your film photography backpack or you want accessories to facilitate your film scanning process... we got you!

Our Accessories for Film Photographers are here with the aim of providing resources to film photographers all over the world who want to spend more time photographing and less time scanning. Our first product, the Film Carrier MK1, helps you to digitize negatives in as little as 5 minutes (or less) using your digital camera and a macro lens, using equipment you might already have. In as little as 2 minutes, our Film Carrier 120 can scan full-length or cut rolls of 120 film (or less).

Film Scanning Accessories

If you're at home, on the go, or in the studio, this is the ideal method for scanning strips or complete rolls of 35mm film quickly, comfortably, and affordably!

Negative Supply - 4x5 Light Source - $129

A successful scan begins with a good light source. Although the majority of current systems work fine, we wanted to make something specifically for the camera scanning community. The Negative Supply Light Source Basic's brighter bulbs make scanning film with a digital camera simple and straightforward, enabling you to use lower ISO settings and maintain faster shutter speeds.

Negative Supply - Basic Film Carrier 35 - $99

If you're at home, on the go, or in the studio, this is the ideal method for scanning strips or complete rolls of 35mm film quickly, comfortably, and affordably! Most Basic Film Carrier 35 owners use a digital camera (DSLR, mirrorless, etc.) to capture their scans since they already own.

Negative Supply - Film Carrier MK1- $329

The Film Carrier MK1 allows you to quickly and easily scan complete rolls of 35mm film or cut strips as short as 5 frames, all while holding your film flat for optimum sharpness.

Negative Supply - Riser - $189

The Riser is a simple, easy to assemble, and affordable option for those just starting out in camera scanning

Sekonic - L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter - $219

The Sekonic L-308X-U is the most powerful and inexpensive photo/cine metre on the market, with dedicated modes for photography, cinematography, and HD cinematography, as well as the ability to turn from incident to reflected light.

Backpack Film Pins

For many backpack owners, personalization is half the fun. If you buy a pack and are already itching to stick the first bit of flair on the side, we have a selection of backpack pins that make personalization a breeze.

Add Character

Whether you already own a mono-colored bag or you'd rather add a flash of personality in bits and pieces, cute pins for backpacks are a great way to make a standard bag your own. On-campus, your backpack is a big part of your daily life. Why not make it fun? Even travel bags or hiking bags can benefit from a pin or two, making them easy to pick out in a luggage rack or a pile of friends’ packs. Funny pins for backpacks, witty jokes, aesthetic looks: the world of backpack pins is wide open for you to explore.

Mix and Match

The beauty of aesthetic pins for backpacks is that they don't have to match from day today. Change your pins according to your mood, the seasons, your interests, or any of the other ways you develop as a pin decorator. More permanent patches can be applied to your bag, but fun pins for backpack decoration offer the most versatility and flexibility.

Trade Your Pins!

Although our enamel pin backpack decor is fantastic, a friend may have an older pin that you'd like. It's simple to swap buttons and pins for backpacks, and it also makes for a great road story. To get not only a new pin, but also a story to go with it, trade with relatives, acquaintances, or even strangers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pins

Where's the best place to put pins on a backpack?

Although it's up to you to insert backpack pins, there are a number of more common locations, plus some less-than-ideal spots.

  • Main Backpack Body: Backpack pins are often used in this place. Spread them around the bag, confine them to one of the smaller pockets, or completely cover the bag in pins. It's all up to you! Make sure you can quickly zip and unzip all of the pockets.
  • Straps: Another absolutely positive yes! Using pins to decorate your backpack straps is a perfect way to make them stand out. To show them off and stop hitting them when you move, keep them higher up the straps. Check the pins on the bag to make sure they don't rub your sides.
  • High Impact Areas: The bottom and back of your bag, obviously, aren't ideal locations for pins. However, keep an eye out for areas where your backpack hits a lot of things to prevent losing pins. Do you spend a lot of time pushing your way through crowds? Keep the sides of the room clear. Putting your bag under the seats on an airplane? Definitely put your pins on the top of the pile.

How to put a pin on a backpack?

Our enamel pins have a sharp end for poking through the fabric and a keeper that fits over the post to hold it in place. Simply determine where you want your pin to go, poke the post through the cloth, and slide the keeper on the top. Since the post will come out inside the bag, you'll need to keep the backpack pockets open. Safety pin clutches can be used to attach pins to areas where the post won't go all the way through the fabric, such as straps, or to loop around zippers or handles.

Where can I buy pins for my backpack?

Along with a number of other stores, large and small, we offer a selection of Backpack Pins and Accessories to add to your collection. If you’re searching for where to get pins for backpacks, look no further! We got you ;)

Moment is here to offer a variety of interesting and colorful film-styled designed accessories to add flair to your pack. Pick out your new favorite pin and find a great spot for it on your bag.

Check out all our Film Accessories here.

Choosing the Best Film Accessories

If you need help deciding which would be the best film photography accessories for your next adventure or the one which would leverage best your iconic photographer's eye, contact one of our Gear Guides. We’ll match you to the right guide based on your experience and style, and help to find the best items for you.