Drone Cases

Keep the most vulnerable parts of your beloved drone inside a carrying case for added protection and travel made easy.

Learn More About Drone Cases

Drones are taking over! As a result, we're designing new drone cases to suit a wide range of drone sizes and styles to ensure we've got you covered. And, since our drone bags are designed to get you and your gear safely where you need to go, we've divided our guide into sections based on the most common types of locations and flight logistics you might encounter.

About Drone Cases

Often you just need a precise shot and don't need to bring a lot of extra gear with you to complete the task. Alternatively, you may wish to carry a drone case in your usual backpack or suitcase. In such situations, the Moment provides the ideal carrying solution. This line is perfect for the Mavic Pro, Mavic Mini, and Mavic Air, with its clean layout, perfect dimensions, and numerous organizing configuration components.

Having the best drone case makes all the difference when it comes to comfortably transport your gear. To find the perfect fit for you or to reference a specific bag to drone compatibility take a look at out our complete list here.

Drone Cases size

Its compact design allows you to slide it right into your pack or travel bag, while its hard shell, padded interior, and weatherproof construction keep your gear safe from harsh impacts and nasty weather. If you like traveling to all ends of the earth in search of epic drone shots, this might be the drone case you’re looking for. This case fits your extra batteries, drone controller, charger, and other small accessories. Small enough to actually fit in your bag, rugged enough for all conditions.

When To Use a Drone Case

Perfect size to fit your backpack configuration, nice and stylish design, and sturdy bundle. You can fit Mavic Mini2, GoPro, spare batteries, and a few accessories in our Moment Rugged Drone Carrying Case - perfect to take on a day trip or even vacation.

  • Everyday: Storage for your drone
  • Traveling: Packable and easy to carry, keeps your drone safe in your bag
  • Outdoors: A tough and waterproof outer shell means your drone is protected in all weather conditions
  • While flying your drone: Keep your SD cards and filters dry/safe while operating your drone

Protection to keep your Equipment Safe

Our Drone Carrying Cases have technical outdoor materials features with a hardshell EVA core to create a bomber case that protects your drone. With a soft padded inner lining, foam interior, weatherproof zippers, and waterproof shell — this case is ready for big days in the mountains, long flights, epic road trips, and whatever adventures you can throw it at. We don’t suggest throwing it, but if you do, it’s ready.

How much do they cost?

The investment on a Case starts at $29.99.

Which is the best drone case for you?

Whether you're an entry-level creator or a professional who's not sure which would be the best carrying case for your drone, or if you need recommendations for accessories that will help you achieve the results you need, please contact our Gear Guides Team hello@shopmoment.com. We'll pair you with a guide based on your background and needs to provide the best customer support, and we'll find the right information for you.