November 21, 2017

Moment + DJI

Big news today—you can finally use Moment with your DJI Osmo Mobile. DJI has been re-inventing mobile video and we're excited to finally support them, bringing our lenses to their platform. 

Stabilizers are making mobile video better, but they have always been missing one attachable lens to change your POV. Well now everything changes with Moment on your DJI Osmo Mobile.

Pre-orders now available, shipping orders around December 11th.

Pre-orders Now Available

November 21, 2017

DJI Osmo Mobile Sale

DJI is having a holiday sale for their DJI Osmo Mobile. If you are thinking about buying one, now is definitely the best opportunity. Click the image below to save now.

November 21, 2017

Moment DJI Kit In Action

When designing our DJI counter weight we focused on making sure it functionally performed across multiple phones, was easy to use, and blended into the Osmo. When shooting with Moment we wanted the counter-weight to just blend into the Osmo, as if nothing was attached.

Moment Dji Kit 4
Moment Essentials Osmo 100G 4
Moment Essentials Osmo 50G 4
Moment Dji Kit 1
Moment Essentials Osmo 100G 1
Moment Essentials Osmo 50G 1
Moment Dji Kit 6

August 3, 2017

Moment + DJI Osmo

Before we even made our new counter weights we started with a DJI solution of our own. These early prototypes let us learn and receive some amazing feedback from customers about what they wanted the real product to do. Over the last four months we have been woking on these two counter weights, with DJI, to make sure they work perfectly on your DJI Osmo Mobile.