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Need an extra power strip to reach what you need? We got you covered with these modern power strips with all kinds of plugs for today's devices.

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When you own many electronic gadgets, it might become a little cumbersome to charge all of them individually through the same power outlet. Also, sometimes, when one of the devices is in charge, you might not be able to use another device that requires continuous power for usage. Under such situations, a power strip can be handy as it will convert one wall outlet into multiple outlets.

When you own a desktop computer, you realize that there is a need for multiple power outlets. While we have multiple power outlets around the house that supply power directly through the power lines, we might not have 6 outlets on the same wall. Also, having six continuous outlets might not even look visually great - which is where a power strip comes into the picture.

What is a power strip?

A power strip is basically a strip that contains multiple power outlets while using only one wall outlet. Through the outlets provided with the power strip, you can charge multiple devices at once. Not only that, but many power strips today come with built-in USB-A and USB-C Ports. If these two USB ports exist on a strip, you can easily charge your smartphones and most of the smaller accessories through those USB ports.

A power strip can provide you easy access to the wall outlet - for those devices that do not have longer cables. Also, if you get a surge protector - another form of the strip - it can also act as a circuit breaker. This can help prevent your electronics from suffering any damage during high power surges - which lightning strikes can typically cause. So, plug in your gadgets to the power strip and keep them protected.

Uses of Power Strips and Surge Protectors

In today's world, where technology basically exists in every corner of any household and office, keeping these places neat and clean gets tougher and tougher. All of our places are filled with huge cables and wires - which can sometimes make it cumbersome even to clean a small place. This is where a power strip or a surge protector can help you out. They have a ton of use cases for any and every space. Let's briefly go through them!

Charging multiple devices

You might already own a lot of devices in the house. Along with those devices, there's a high possibility that you already have several accessories for them. Now, to power them all right now, you might be using multiple wall outlets - but you don't need to do that. A power strip can easily replace three outlets for one. And if needed, it can also provide you more than three outlets to connect more devices.

Also, if you go with a smart power strip that comes with multiple USB ports, you can charge different smartphones, tablets, and accessories through it.

Occupying fewer power outlets

When you start using power strips and power multiple devices through that, it becomes a known fact that you will use fewer of your power outlets. Later, if needed, you can use these free power outlets for some other pieces of equipment that require closer connectivity to the outlet.

Also, when the wall outlets are left free, you can use them for certain devices that require continuous power and for those where you can only plug in their charging bricks at the right angle.

Protecting all connected equipment

When you are out looking for a power strip in the market, it is usually recommended to go with a surge protector instead. With the most surge protectors in place, your equipment can stay protected even while you leave them on during adverse conditions.

We need to bring it to your notice that not all power strips have surge protection. So, you will need to check for the same before purchasing in any shop. However, it is not to say that regular power strips have no built-in safety features. The ones from a reputed manufacturer will still carry their own protection features. Just see if the features provided by those brands work out for you.

Keeping the desk clean

When you are running multiple computers and their accessories and just using one wall unit, it can easily clear the clutter off your desk. All the devices are plugged in at the same location - which would help you tie some cable ties with ease - and keep all the cables together.

Instead of this, if you had to plug in different devices in multiple wall outlets - that might even be located at different locations, it can be a pain to clean up such a setup. So, using a power strip or a surge protector is highly recommended to keep the desk clean. Some desks also come with a special pocket to hide a power strip and multiple cables that run through them - which makes things super convenient.

Direct availability of USB Ports

While it is possible to use different Wall Chargers that come with multiple USB Ports, it is still better to have the availability of a few USB Ports right on the Power Strip. When you decide to go with a good power strip from reputed brands, you will see that they come with USB Ports, allowing for faster charging.

Anker's PowerPort Strip PD6 comes with a USB-C port that supports power delivery and can be used to charge several devices faster. Alongside this, there are a couple of USB-A Ports and six wall outlets - that you can use based on your needs. It is one of the best power strips available in the market today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power strips used to be a pretty simple piece of tech. However, as the tech advances, it also becomes complicated. And with all the advancements in place today, when you search for a power strip for the first time, it's alright to have questions about it. But don't worry much as we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Power Strips.

Can a power strip protect my electronic devices from power surges?

Yes - a power strip with surge protection can definitely do that.

While not all power strips will be able to protect your electronic devices from power surges, the ones with built-in surge protection definitely would. Also, some power strips are available in the market that comes with many security features - and they can help too.

Do all power strips have built-in surge protection?

Unfortunately, not all power strips come with built-in surge protection.

Today, most power strips are available with surge protection - but not all. Some act as basic power strips, while some have smarter and better security features - including surge protection. Also, there are some which are basic strips with just surge protection as an additional feature.

Is a surge protector better than a regular power strip?

Absolutely, a surge protector is definitely better than a regular power strip.

With a regular power strip, you won't get as much protection for your expensive electronic gadgets. However, when you go with a surge protector, it will have a layer of protection from the power surges to help keep your equipment safe.

Do you recommend getting surge protectors over a regular power strip?

Absolutely - yes.

There's no doubt about this. With the additional safety benefits that a surge protector offers, we would definitely recommend you going with one instead of a regular power strip. If you want, you can also look at some of the newer and smarter power strips, which have advanced safety features along with some smart features.

How many electrical outlets are present in a single power strip?

The answer to this would depend on the power strip you select. If you opt to go for the one having three electrical outlets, then it will have three of them. If you select the one with six, it will have six outlets. There are no fixed numbers here of how many power outlets would be present on a single strip. However, we would recommend getting one with at least three outlets - if not more.

Is a power strip dangerous?

No - they aren't. Instead, they are just as safe as any other electronic gadget out there. However, if not used properly or malfunction, they can be as dangerous as other electronic devices. So, use them with caution - even though there are a lot of built-in failsafe mechanisms.

Do power strips use more energy?

No, they don't - at least - not all of them. When you install a regular power strip, there's a good chance that it continues the flow of electricity even when the attached device is not being used or in standby mode.

However, you can easily solve this with the help of a smart power strip - which might indeed help you save electricity as it can detect the devices that are on standby or not being used - and cut off the power supply.

How much does a power strip cost?

Power strips are typically inexpensive pieces of equipment. A good power strip can cost you anywhere between 30 USD and 80 USD. It is highly recommended not to fall for some of the extremely cheaper ones - as those might be lacking some of the safety features. If you still want to go for one, make sure to check those safety features before purchasing it.

Wrap Up

Power strips are small - but essential pieces of geat that one should always have at their homes and offices as they help in many ways. Also, if you had any questions, we believe that we might have answered your question through the Frequently Asked Questions. However, if you still have any additional questions related to the Power Strips or need some personal advice, feel free to reach out to one of our Gear Guides. They will always be happy to assist you with your purchase decision.