• Instructors

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    Aundre Larrow

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to demystify the basics of shooting in the studio.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 9 segments

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn To

    Create stunning images in the studio.

    • Light your scene
    • Direct talent
    • Photograph darker skin tones
    • Take pro studio portraits
    • Take amazing lifestyle shots
    • What gear you need
    • Editing studio images

What You'll Learn

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to light your studio scene, work with talent, and take stellar portraits and lifestyle images.

Intro Intro | placeholder


1/9 (3:03)

Aundre introduces himself and breaks down what to expect in his lesson.

Walking into studio part 1 Walking into studio part 1 | placeholder

Walking Into A Studio Session

2/9 (25:40)

Aundre walks through everything you need to know when shooting in a studio setting for the very first time.

Fav images Fav images | placeholder

Breaking Down Aundre's Favorite Images

3/9 (10:19)

Aundre breaks down his favorite images, how they were planned, shot, edited, and how to recreate them yourself.

Lighting comparison Lighting comparison | placeholder

Studio Lighting Comparisons

4/9 (24:46)

One of the biggest benefits of shooting in a studio is having the ability to control your lighting. In this segment, Aundre teache...

Individuals part 2 Individuals part 2 | placeholder

Shooting Individual Portraits

5/9 (35:20)

One of the most common shooting scenarios you’ll encounter in the studio are individual portraits. Aundre teaches you how to make ...

Darker skin tones Darker skin tones | placeholder

Tips For Shooting Darker Skin Tones

6/9 (9:52)

Something you won’t find in most lessons: Aundre breaks down how to light and shoot darker skin tones for the best texture and nat...

Screen Shot 2020 12 09 at 1 59 25 PM Screen Shot 2020 12 09 at 1 59 25 PM | placeholder

Shooting Group Portraits

7/9 (5:26)

In this segment, Aundre shows you how to work with multiple people to create both candid and posed group portraits.

Editing part 1 Editing part 1 | placeholder

Editing Studio Photos

8/9 (28:01)

The edit is just as important as the raw image. Aundre demonstrates how he edits studio photographs, and reveals some of his perso...

Final thoughts Final thoughts | placeholder

Final Thoughts

9/9 (1:17)

Thanks for watching! Aundre signs off with some final thoughts.

Aundre Larrow

Portraits mostly, film sometimes.
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3 reviews from 0 Students
Nathan Lawer-Yolar


I am an amateur photography who spends a lot of time on youtube to teach myself, this lesson cuts out the unnecessary information and goes straight to the needed information. I learned a lot about lighting which I will also apply to shooting outside the studio! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Tanya García Lopez

so happy

I recently started a journey into studio photography myself so this helped me in so many ways. I really enjoyed learning about how light works and the understanding of a key light. Would love to keep learning from this talented man!

Cody Turner

Thanks goodness for Aundre!

I've been shooting studio work for years and just winging it. This course broke it down so easily and Aundre is so well-spoken and cool. Thanks, Aundre for such a great workshop. I can't wait to set into a studio again soon.