• Instructors

    Willem film lesson 41 Willem film lesson 41 | placeholder
    Willem Verbeeck

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You like taking photos and want to learn how to properly shoot on film.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 13 segments

    + Film Stock Guide

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn to

    Read the light and expose/meter properly

    • The differences between film stocks and camera types
    • How to shoot medium format and 35mm film
    • How to shoot documentary portraits
    • How to edit and color correct your film photos
    • How to shoot like Willem

What You'll Learn

Learn to shoot, develop, and edit film photos like a pro.

Willem film lesson 41 Willem film lesson 41 | placeholder



Learn why film Photography is still relevant and why a modern take on a vintage format is important for understanding the craft.

Willem film lesson 52 Willem film lesson 52 | placeholder

Getting Started: What You Need To Know


Everything you need to know to get started shooting film. Camera types, film stocks, and how to operate different cameras.

Willem film lesson 27 Willem film lesson 27 | placeholder

Metering In Different Light


When you have a limited amount of photos, you need to nail your exposure. This class dives into how to meter properly in various l...

Section 4 Walkaround Daly City 00 47 56 06 Still001 Section 4 Walkaround Daly City 00 47 56 06 Still001 | placeholder

A Walkaround: Daly City


Join Willem in Daly City, CA as he walks around the neighborhood making photographs.

Willem film lesson 29 Willem film lesson 29 | placeholder

Personal Photo Critique


Willem breaks down his images and gives insight into what he loves and what he doesn't.

Willem film lesson 28 Willem film lesson 28 | placeholder

Road Trip Down The Coast


Join Willem as he drives down the California coast, capturing photos on his Yashica 35mm point and shoot.

Willem film lesson 34 Willem film lesson 34 | placeholder

Documentary Portraits: Surfboard Shaper


Willem photographs lifestyle portraits of surfboard shaper, JP.

Willem film lesson 48 Willem film lesson 48 | placeholder

Film Developing Preferences


The last step in the process, Willem breaks down what you need to know about developing film.

Section 10 Night Shooting 00 31 18 00 Still001 Section 10 Night Shooting 00 31 18 00 Still001 | placeholder

Shooting Film at Night


Willem breaks down how to shoot film at night.

Willem film lesson 07 Willem film lesson 07 | placeholder

Shooting Interiors


Willem breaks down how he takes advantage of dynamic light while shooting detail shots indoors.

Willem film lesson 64 Willem film lesson 64 | placeholder

Editing Your Film Photos


Just like when you shoot digital, color correcting your film images is essential.

Willem film lesson 30 Willem film lesson 30 | placeholder



Thanks for watching! Go shoot.

Willem BONUS 00 17 40 15 Still004 Willem BONUS 00 17 40 15 Still004 | placeholder

Bonus Segment: Flash Film Photography


In this additional segment, Willem focuses on a new technical topic – Flash Film Photography. We join him on his own stomping grou...

Willem Verbeeck

NYC-based analog photographer, Willem Verbeeck, captures modern day portraits of people and lifescapes in their truest form.
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Willem film lesson 41 Willem film lesson 41 | placeholder
17 reviews from 0 Students
Diego Cardenas Andrade

Great beginner friendly course to film and photography!

Great course! I have loved Willems content for a long time and was excited to see them release this course. I felt like it was a great intro to film photography and overall simple principles of photography. It motivated me to go out and get my first film camera and begin shooting. Hopefully they release more courses that dive into more intermediate / advanced aspects of film + photography as I felt that they did a really well job explaining a lot of the concepts covered.

Branden Cancino

Thanks Willem

I knew most of this through his YouTube videos but to have him break it down again all in one place made it super easy to follow, and the flash section was super helpful as it's impossible to find information on flash film photography online.

Bharath Ghanta

Really enjoyed this course

I have recently started shooting film after testing out a roll of portra and falling in love with the results. I started watching Willem's youtube channel and found this course on moment. I really enjoyed the course especially learnt a lot from the exposure latitude tests and his approach to metering for film. Also I used to be really reluctant of taking a lot of exposures on film as it costs a lot and ended up not shooting much before and this course gave me confidence to go out and shoot more and I am really enjoying the process.

Cody Turner

Where there's a Willem, there's a way!

Thanks for the great course Willem and Moment. This has inspired me to spend more time thinking about how I take film photos and how to shoot with various film stocks. Worth it!

Damian Kozieł

Can't get enough of it!

Huge thanks to Willem and Moment crew for making this lesson! I've learned so many things that will help me be more confident in the film world. The way Willem conducted the lesson is very easy to understand and each sections are really helpful! The quality of videos is simply beautiful and the opportunity to see how Willem works and how he takes photos in this slower way than on the YouTube videos is worth every penny!  Just another big thank you to Willem itself for not only bringing me into film photography with his channel but also for teaching this essential things! Hope to see some more lessons with Willem on moment!

Will Carrigan

Willem and crew

Absolutely loved this lesson, so informative and easy follow. Willem is incredibly inviting and passionate. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s interested in photography and even those who do shoot film and are looking for a better understanding about what they’re doing and how to do it confidently


so good lesson !

tk u Willem for this training ! best regards from France ;)

Alex Holmes

Excellent Content!

This really helped me get over the fear of shooting outside of fully automatic and delve into the world of manual. Can't wait to get back out again and put my new found knowledge to the test

Adam Edmundson

Amazing educational lesson

This course was an amazing lesson and worth every penny. Being new to film and as a long time digital user there are many times I find myself trying to work through situations I normally rely on technology to solve. This course was an easy way to learn the fundamentals of film, equipment, and technically sound ways to start and take better photos. The ease of use of the lesson plans made it simply enjoyable and not a taxing journey to find the next worksheet or video. The information was technically astute and easily explained for great uptake of Willem's knowledge.

April Mariveles

Superb & Great Intro to Film Photography

Loved this lesson! I've only been shooting film for about 1.5 years and there's definitely still plenty to learn. Even though this lesson covered a lot of introductory things I already knew, the segments on how to do night photography and seeing Willem's process when it comes to framing and editing were super valuable. It really made me want to go out and just shoot through my rolls.