• Instructors

    Jack Coyne
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner, ready to learn.

  • What You Get

    46 minutes of learning

    + 6 segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Be a more efficient editor
    • Cut and sequence your footage
    • Pace an edit
    • Shot selection and cutting techniques
    • Bring your story to life in post-production

What You'll Learn

Editing is where you bring your story to life. It’s where raw footage becomes a film. In this course, Jack Coyne dives into cutting your film and how to best bring your concept to life. You’ll learn pacing, music selection, and rhythm. Jump into the world of post-production—where your idea becomes a reality.


1/6 (1:00)

Who is Jack? You’ll get to know Jack's story and learn why and how editing can make or break your film.

What Jack Learned in Film School

2/6 (8:00)

Everything Jack learned studying film—delivered right to your screen. He'll teach you how to bring a film to life and the key film fundamentals you need to get it there.

Breaking Down Your Favorite YouTubers

3/6 (22:00)

Jack breaks down the editing styles of David Dobrik, Casey Neistat, and Colin & Samir. He'll walk through three of their best videos of all time and explain the editing decisions behind each film.

Editing is a Puzzle

4/6 (7:00)

Footage is a bunch of jumbled words. Editing turns footage into sentences. Jack talks about the different types of footage and where each piece of the puzzle belongs.

Editing Projects

5/6 (6:00)

Jack breaks down the technical side of one of his editing process. Once you know the rules, break them! Jack explains how he breaks editing guidelines, and the importance of developing your own style.


6/6 (2:00)

Thanks for watching! Jack recaps the the concepts he covered in the lesson and how he seeing these storytelling threads in his daily life. Get out there and tell your story!

Jack Coyne

Jack is a filmmaker born and raised in New York City.
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