• Instructors

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    This course is for anyone who wants to get started with lighting.

  • What You Get

    15 hours of learning

    + 9 Modules

    + Downloadable Gear List

    + Basic Lighting Setup Guide

  • Learn To

    Find, use, and produce light like a pro.

    + The science of light and how it works

    + How to read and use natural light

    + Manipulate light with tools like reflectors and diffusion panels

    + How to use strobes and speedlights and balance studio lighting

    + Master both basic and advanced lighting techniques

What You'll Learn

Take a deep-dive into lighting -- from the basics to advanced techniques.


1/9 (0:19:28)

1 segment. Meet your instructor, Mark Wallace, and find out what you'll learn during this 15-hour intensive.

About Light

2/9 (1:55:00)

4 segments. Mark teaches the science of light and how light behaves in different settings. You'll also learn the language pros use to talk about lighting.

Working with Light

3/9 (2:43:50)

6 segments. The basics of working with light, both natural and artificial. Learn how to manipulate light to make your photos exactly how you envisioned, every time.

Studio Lighting

4/9 (1:22:02)

4 segments. Mark teaches how to shoot with constant light in a studio setting. Join Mark on two sample shoots.


5/9 (2:34:12)

6 segments. Learn techniques such as flash photography, bouncing speedlights, and using studio strobes.

Mark's Secret Canon Setup

6/9 (0:15:35)

1 segment. Mark reveals his secret setup that guarantees beautiful, balanced lighting.

Techniques: Part 2

7/9 (3:48:36)

8 segments. Mark teaches some more advanced techniques. Learn how to work with multiple lights, zone lighting, and the law of reflection. This section includes two more on-location shoots.


8/9 (1:00:48)

2 segments. Learn what a histogram is, how to read it, and what it tells you about the light in your photo.


9/9 (0:16:42)

1 segment. Mark wraps up the lesson with some final thoughts and overall wisdom. You're ready to use light like a master.

Class Extras

Get more out of this course with a gear list "cheatsheet," a basic lighting setup guide, and a PDF copy of the presentation Mark uses in this lesson.


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