• Instructors

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    Alex Strohl

  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You know the basics, but are keen to learn more about camera settings, composition, and editing; as well as higher level photography notions. You'll get a healthy balance of both.

  • What You Get

    2.5 hours of learning

    + 12 segments

    + 6 in the field episodes

    + 4 Lightroom Presets

    + Lesson Guide PDF

  • Learn To

    Set up a shoot with limited resources

    + Concept an idea based on where you are

    + Create a consistent body of work that is recognizable

    + Identify and edit photos to make an incredible set

    + Create a preset and use it to make selects

    + Scout out locations without leaving your house

What You'll Learn

From the brilliant blue waters of Mexico to the mountains of Montana, Alex takes you on a journey to scout, shoot, and edit your way through summer.

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Alex's Travel Kit

1/12 (18:00)

Discover what Alex can't leave home without when he hops on the plane, including photography gear, travel & tech gear, and accessories.

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The Beach: Sunrise & Sunset

2/12 (13:00)

Alex walks you through setting yourself up for a productive shoot in a remote location with limited resources; including reading a...

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The River: Kayak, Underwater, & Drone

3/12 (6:00)

Alex shows you his approach for a solo sunset shoot, without any subjects. Learn how taking your time and following your instincts...

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The Ruins: Light, Lenses, & Composition

4/12 (7:00)

Explore techniques for shooting through trees, finding the right angles, and using the people you're with to tell a story. You'll ...

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Cenotes: Concepts

5/12 (10:00)

For this shoot, Alex uses high noon to his advantage and explores what he can do with light beams shooting directly into the under...

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Editing 1: Sunset at the Beach

6/12 (15:00)

Alex gives you an exclusive look into his post production and how he builds a consistent body of work that is instantly recognizab...

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Editing 2: Sunrise in the Jungle

7/12 (25:00)

In this second editing tutorial Alex shows you how he color grades a drone photo in Lightroom followed by an in-depth tutorial on ...

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Experiential Photography

8/12 (23:00)

Learn and watch how Alex executes a shoot with friends, keeping in mind the importance of approaching everything in a casual manne...

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What Makes a Good Set?

9/12 (6:00)

Alex walks us through what makes an incredible set of photos in his eyes. We dissect two very different sets from legendary photog...

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Editing: Summer Storm

10/12 (7:00)

Before making your own set, Alex creates a preset that he will apply to all the photos while making selects.

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The Art of Making Photo Sets

11/12 (8:00)

Alex walks us through his approach to telling a story in photo sets. We see how he labels images into different categories, uses t...

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Researching Locations

12/12 (17:00)

Alex shows you his detailed process for scouting locations, all via the internet. This helps him save an incredible amount of time...

"Alex's pictures bring depth and colors other photographers don't capture."

— Forbes

Class Extras

Get more out of the lesson with exclusive presets and a Moment Shop discount.

Alex Strohl

Photographer, traveler, teacher.
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