• Instructors

    Dan Tom
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You have an iPhone and want to learn how to take stunning, professional-looking photos.

  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 11 episodes

    + 2 editing segments

  • Learn to

    Master iPhone camera settings to shoot quality images
    • Direct and capture portraits
    • Create timeless landscape images
    • Use advanced editing techniques and key apps
    • Tell your story through a series of curated images

What You'll Learn

Dan Tom will teach you how to use your iPhone to take portraits and landscapes that tell a story.

Meet Dan Tom

1/11 (7:45)

Meet your new instructor Dan Tom – a San Francisco based professional designer & photographer. Learn how Dan got his start in photography with his iPhone eight years ago and how this tool has shaped his career path.

Workshop Overview

2/11 (2:18)

Dan breaks down everything he will cover in the workshop, and lays out his philosophy on photography. Hint: There are no bad photos, and every photo is a chance to tell your own story.

Everyday Storytelling

3/11 (13:21)

You don't need an epic adventure to create interesting photos. There are beautiful stories and moments that happen everyday. You just need to keep an eye out for them. Dan shares his approach to taking photos of small everyday moments.

Finding Inspiration

4/11 (11:03)

It's important to be ready when inspiration strikes. Dan teaches how different things like photo height, focal length, and composition choices all affect the photos you take.

Shooting in the Field

5/11 (12:53)

Join Dan Tom for a neighborhood walk and a shoot of San Francisco’s iconic Mount Tam. Learn his approach, how he approaches landscape photos, and how he directs people to take impactful portraits.

Shooting the Same Place in a New Way

6/11 (8:09)

Weather, light, and timing changes the mood of our images. Dan Tom takes us through the strategies to photograph the same places and people in new ways.

Landscape Photography

7/11 (11:28)

Dan shares his thoughts on shooting landscapes, and reviews his favorite shots from the field shoot.

Photographing People

8/11 (11:53)

Dan breaks down his approach to taking portraits. He teaches how to make people comfortable in front of the camera, how to take photos of strangers, and tips on composition.


9/11 (18:54)

Dan takes you through his entire editing process on his iPhone. He shares his key apps and how to utilize them to create professional-grade images.

Editing Your Photos

10/11 (19:03)

Dan edits photos submitted by the community photos and provides ways you can approach your edits.

Workshop Recap

11/11 (1:39)

Dan touches on the biggest takeaways from the workshop, and shares words of encouragement and tips for the next chapter of your photography journey.

Dan Tom

San Francisco born and based Dan Tom is a graphic designer and travel photographer.
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