• Instructors

    Patrick Tomasso
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner, ready to learn.

  • What You Get

    45 minutes of learning

    + 9 segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Elevate your film with professional sound.
    • Record Professional Sounding Voice Over
    • Record Audio On Set
    • Properly Use A Lav Mic
    • Implement Sound Design
    • Master Your Audio In Post

What You'll Learn

This lesson is a crash course in recording interviews, crisp voiceover and environmental audio that will bring your film life.


1/9 (1:49)

Meet your instructor and learn why impactful sound is essential.

Gear Overview

2/9 (5:29)

Patrick runs you through his favorite microphones and brands.

Recording Voiceover: Good Audio with Any Mic

3/9 (7:32)

Crispy voiceovers are key to making a film feel professional. Learn how to capture clean audio with any mic. Patrick will also give you a few tips and tricks for creating DIY sound booths in and around your home.

Recording Sound on Set, Solo

4/9 (11:03)

Don't have the budget for dedicated audio help on set? Patrick teaches you how he manages audio on set when he's shooting alone. You'll also learn on-set tips that will help you easily sync your audio and video files when you get to the edit.

Recording Foley

5/9 (8:41)

What’s a foley and why does your film need it? Learn how to capture and use foley and dialogue for your film.

Sound Design

6/9 (7:51)

Patrick not only teaches the basics of sound design, but let's you experience it through two versions of his mini-doc. He'll show you why it’s essential to an engaging film.

Sound Effects

7/9 (8:01)

Complete your audio track with artful sounds effects and the foley you learned how to create in segment 5.

Mastering Your Audio

8/9 (24:40)

Patrick walks through his process and tips for mixing your audio to give that professional edge. Getting crisp audio that makes an impact.

Final Thoughts

9/9 (1:09)

Thank you for watching! Patrick covers his key takeaways from the lesson. Get out there and have fun creating pro-level audio.

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