Dewey sony zve10
  • Instructors

    Mike 16
    Mike Dewey
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to learn the basics of the Sony ZV-E10

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 4 modules

    + In-depth walk-throughs

  • Learn To

    Set up and operate your Sony ZV-E10

    + Camera setup

    + Menu settings

    + Shooting video

    + Manual and Auto modes

What You'll Learn

Best Settings for Vlogging or Shooting a Film

Main Course


Let's jump into things from the basics up to advanced topics like picture profiles. I'll help you set up your camera, walk you through the menus, and talk about my favorite lenses and accessories. By the end of this, you should feel really comfortable and confident in shooting with your new Sony camera.

Mike Dewey

Filmmaker at Moment & travel enthusiast from California.
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Mike 16