• Instructors

    Moment Creators
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to learn the basics of the Sony ZV-E1

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 4 modules

    + In-depth walk-throughs

  • Learn To

    Set up and operate your Sony ZV-E1

    + Camera setup

    + Menu settings

    + Shooting video

    + Shooting photo

    + Manual and Auto modes

What You'll Learn

Learn everything from setup to shooting manual on the Sony ZV-E1


1/6 (1:00)

We provide an overview of the camera and set the stage for what to expect throughout the course. We offer insights into the key features and functionalities of the camera, as well as provide an overview of the course content and what you can expect to gain from it.

Getting Started

2/6 (25:00)

Section 2 of this video course focuses on the Sony ZV-E1 camera, covering topics such as battery and power management, memory cards, lens mounts, attaching lenses, ND filters, audio inputs, flip-out screen, camera buttons and functions, and the camera menu system (photo vs video). It provides essential information to help users understand and make the most o...

Menu & Buttons

3/6 (6:00)

In this section, we dive into customizations of the menu and buttons on the Sony ZV-E1 camera. We explore features such as My Menu, Function Menu, and Custom Buttons, guiding you on how to personalize and optimize the camera's settings according to your specific shooting preferences.

Video Recording

4/6 (25:00)

We'll cover a range of important topics including video recording formats, picture profiles, white balance, focus techniques, zebras, stabilization, slow and quick (S&Q) motion, proxy recording, time lapses, HDMI connectivity, auto framing, and LUTs. These topics provide valuable insights for capturing high-quality videos with the Sony ZV-E1 camera.

Webcam Streaming

5/6 (2:00)

The Sony ZV-E1 makes a great camera for streaming. Here's how.


6/6 (1:00)

Thank you & additional notes.