• Instructors

    Tiffany Nguyen
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to learn the basics of shooting on Sony.

  • What You Get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 8 modules

    + In-depth walk-throughs

  • Learn To

    Set up and operate your Sony Camera

    + Understand the Sony menus.

    + Customize your buttons.

    + Understand Sony lenses.

    + Best settings for different scenarios.

What You'll Learn

Learn everything from setup to shooting manual on Sony cameras.


1/6 (1:45)

Tiffany welcomes you to the course and walks through what you'll learn.

Why Sony?

2/6 (1:41)

Tiffany explains why she shoots Sony.


3/6 (45:00)

Tiffany walks you through all the menus on your new Sony camera.


4/6 (9:00)

Tiffany goes through the body of the camera and how all the buttons & features work.

Best Settings

5/6 (8:00)

Tiffany teaches you some of her go-to settings for different shooting scenarios.


6/6 (3:00)

Tiffany walks you through her Sony lens lineup.

Tiffany Nguyen

Hi, there! I'm Tiffany (@tiffpenguin)! I'm a dentist and adventure travel photographer from Southern California.
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