• Instructors

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    Joshua Martin

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You’ve just unboxed your Sony a7S III, or you’re a shooter who wants to take your camera knowledge to the next level.

  • What You Get

    40 minutes of learning

    + 6 learning segments

    + 10% Moment shop discount

    + Quick Start Guide

  • Learn To

    Use your a7S III to its full potential.

    + Camera features
    + Best lenses/accessories
    + Settings for color grading
    + Button customization
    + Shooting video
    + Menu customization

What You'll Learn

In this lesson, you’ll learn everything about your new Sony a7S iii in order to have full control over your camera.

A7siii Lesson Segment 1 A7siii Lesson Segment 1 | placeholder


1/6 (0:22)

Meet your instructor, Joshua, as he walks you through what you’ll learn in this gear lesson.

A7siii Lesson Segment 2 A7siii Lesson Segment 2 | placeholder

15-Minute Best Settings Breakdown (Quick Start Guide)

2/6 (14:32)

If you’re eager to get shooting right away, this segment is for you. Moment Filmmaker Mike Dewey makes a guest appearance to give ...

A7siii Lesson Segment 3 A7siii Lesson Segment 3 | placeholder

Physical Camera Walkthrough

3/6 (3:33)

Diving right in, Joshua gives you an in-depth tour of the physical button layout of the camera. Learn how to operate the camera wi...

A7siii Lesson Segment 4 A7siii Lesson Segment 4 | placeholder

Menu Walkthrough

4/6 (4:04)

In this section, learn how to navigate both the photo and video menus of the a7S III. Making sure you have the right settings is c...

A7siii Lesson Segment 5 A7siii Lesson Segment 5 | placeholder

Custom Buttons & Memory Modes

5/6 (3:17)

In this segment, Joshua demonstrates how to customize the function of your C1, C2, and C3 buttons. When shooting in the field, cus...

A7siii Lesson Segment 6 A7siii Lesson Segment 6 | placeholder

Complete Video Settings Walkthrough

6/6 (12:34)

For the filmmakers, Joshua deep dives into frame rate, file format, color, gamma assist, and more. By the end of this section, you...

Joshua Martin

Joshua is Moment filmmaker and content creator based in South Bend, Indiana. He loves building rig cameras!
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