• Instructors

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    Danny Gevirtz

  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You’re a beginner who wants to learn the ropes of cinematic lighting.

  • What You Get

    1.5 hours of learning

    + 7 segments

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn To

    Problem-solve and create cinematic lighting in any scenario.

    • Gear for cinematic lighting
    • Reading light scenarios
    • Shooting interiors and exteriors
    • Shooting during daytime and at night
    • How to place lights and reflectors

What You'll Learn

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1/7 (0:01:55)

Meet Danny as he welcomes you to the course and walks you through what you’ll learn. Danny explains why lighting is paramount and how you can master it.

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My Philosophy

2/7 (0:02:51)

In this segment, Danny breaks down his philosophy when it comes to cinematic lighting. Filmmakers have the tendency to over-compli...

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My Framework

3/7 (0:04:48)

Danny teaches his method for achieving cinematic lighting in any scenario. He explains how to read the existing lighting in a scen...

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Daytime Lighting

4/7 (1:02:00)

Danny shows how to light two interior scenes and one exterior scene. He breaks down how to transform daytime lighting into cinemat...

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Nighttime Lighting

5/7 (0:17:30)

Night falls and it’s a different ball game. In this segment, Danny shows how to light two scenes, one interior and one exterior.

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Lighting Breakdown of Favorite Series

6/7 (0:07:39)

Sit down with Danny as he talks about some of his favorite shots and breaks down how he achieved them.

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7/7 (0:02:53)

Danny wraps up the course with an overview and some final thoughts. Your turn.

Danny Gevirtz

Hey! I'm Danny Gevirtz (@dannygevirtz), a Commercial & Documentary Cinematographer from Philadelphia, PA.
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10 reviews from 0 Students
Joshua Anderton

Extremely insightful. Highly recommended!

Danny puts out great stuff. So this was a no-brainer purchase for me. I learned a ton about lighting in different scenarios. Will definitely recommend this to anyone getting into to film or brushing up on their lighting skills.

Paul Kako

Dope stuff!

Big fan, good information

Ken Foster

Good Knowledge

I’ve been following Danny for about 8 months now. He’s friendly, kind, and loves what he does. His explanation style and way he teaches are really great. This lighting video was a good exercise to put in my tool kit. Danny’s great!

Fan Yang

Great knowledge with easy beautiful lighting setup

Started to follow Danny from his YouTube channel, I like his videos and works. I was not sure what I else I could learn from this lesson because I have watched all of his YouTube videos. However, his examples and technical in this lesson really helped me to setup lighting for my own YouTube projects. Although most of my work doesn't need "Cinematic" lighting, Danny's advises on lighting allowed me to shoot beautiful video works. Thanks Danny and Moment put this lesson together.


Delivers on Promise

Danny has a great way of breaking down the keys steps in his thinking & then creating his lighting setups. When you see the beautiful, moody 'cinematic' shots created with only minimal lighting gear, the proof is in the pudding! Well done Danny and Moment team :)

Cody Turner

Thanks for shining a light on this Danny!

I've been a big fan of Danny's videos for a long time but watching him and Niles and Mike bring together great studio lighting tips to set the scene was inspiring and very informative. Bless you, guys!

Spencer Torok

backlight is key

Really glad I bought this course from Danny. I think the biggest takeaway for me was the thought process behind each scene & motivated lighting. Listening & watching Danny go through his steps was like peaking behind the curtain. Very stoked to put these new learnings into practice!

Justin McDonough

Like learning from a close friend.

Not only is the information in this lesson so valuable, but learning from Danny is enjoyable and feels like chatting with an old friend. Combining his mastery of lighting with his friendly style makes this lesson so enjoyable to absorb.

chuang mufan

crazy useful!


Daniel Perez

Simple and thoughtful

I enjoyed being taken through a workday on a small set and seeing the layers of adjustments and simple techniques that can take a scene to the next cinematic level. Danny will make you feel comfortable about how to approach the lighting of scenes and I appreciate his efforts with this lesson. Shout out to Moment once again for a killer lesson.