Mike Gray Hero
  • Instructors

    Mike Gray
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You enjoy film photography but want to take it to the next level.

  • What You'll Get

    1.2 Hours of Learning

    + 7 Segments (w/English CC)

    + Previously Recorded Q&A Session

  • Learn To

    Confidently execute your vision
    • Find inspiration for your shoots
    • How to plan and photograph your conceptual shoot
    • Strategies behind composing for film
    • Mike's philosophy behind his work

What You'll Learn

This lesson gives people an inside look at how to plan and execute their dream shoot on film. Mike offers a step by step approach that includes everything from coming up with ideas to actually bringing your idea to life.


1/7 (6:47)

Meet Mike.

Coming Up With Your Concepts Part 1

2/7 (11:46)

Make explains the process and inspiration behind his conceptual shoots.

Coming Up With Your Concepts Part 2

3/7 (15:13)

Learn more about how Mike prepares for his conceptual shoots.

Shooting Your Concept

4/7 (10:32)

Follow Mike on set as he shoots his film concepts.

Shooting Your Concept Part 2

5/7 (26:36)

See how Mike works with talent and stylists on set.

Reviewing Favorite Work

6/7 (17:46)

Learn Mike's post-production tips and review his favorite work.


7/7 (1:37)

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Mike Gray

LA based film photographer with a spark for ingenuity, Mike Gray enthralls the viewer with cinematic stills, close up portraiture, and staged scenes.
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