• Instructors

    Reggie Ballesteros
  • Skill Level

    Level 1
  • What You Get

    1.5 Hours of Learning

    + 6 Segments

    + Previously Recorded Q&A Session

  • Learn to

    Take Stunning Couples Portraits
    • Choose the right lens & camera for the right job.
    • Work with & pose couples.
    • Get creative with your shooting & editing techniques.

What You'll Learn

Join Reggie Ballesteros on a shoot working with a couple he's met for the first time. He'll walk you through the cameras he's using, the lenses, and give you some of his favorite techniques for directing couples to take organic powerful images.



Meet Reggie Ballesteros

Best Settings


Reggie walks you through his go-to settings on his Fuji camera for capturing stunning portraits.

3 Portraits Tips


Reggie talks you through several of his techqniues on how to make couples feel comfortable on camera

Portrait Shoot


Join Reggie for a real shoot with a couple he's met for the first time. He'll switch lenses, scenes & show you one of his favorite portrait photography tricks.



Learn how Reggie edits his photos in a timeless way & how he gets a little more creative in the editing room.



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Reggie Ballesteros

Reggie is a Filipino-American engineer turned photographer based in the San Fransisco Bay Area.
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