Beacasso Hero
  • Instructors

    Beatriz Valim
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You enjoy film photography but want to take it to the next level.

  • What You'll Get

    1 Hour of Learning

    + 6 Segments (w/English CC)

    + Previously Recorded Q&A Session

  • Learn To

    Shoot portraits on medium format film
    • Develop your aesthetic
    • How to plan a conceptual shoot
    • Strategies behind getting better photographs
    • Beacasso's approach to fashion portraits

What You'll Learn

This lesson will teach you how to utilize film to shoot captivating portraits. BEACASSO - Beatriz Valim - will show you how film can bring conceptual portraits to the next level, and how you can execute your own productions beautifully.


1/6 (1:08)


Pre-Production & Planning

2/6 (4:44)

What makes a great photo? How should you think about color? Learn how to plan a conceptual fashion shoot.

Shooting Portraits On Film - Indoor Studio

3/6 (19:48)

Watch BEACASSO in action as she photographs fashion portraiture in-studio.

Shooting Portraits on Film - Outdoors

4/6 (11:33)

Follow BEACASSO to a second location for an outdoor photoshoot.

Editing Your Film Portraits

5/6 (33:57)

BEACASSO takes you through her post-production process as she edits her film photos.


6/6 (00:18)

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Beatriz Valim

LA- based medium format film photographer Beatriz "BEACASSO" Valim captures intense use of color through fashion and portraits to tell a story.
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