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  • Instructors

    Victoria Wright
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You want to demystify the basics of shooting lifestyle.

  • What You Get

    1.5 Hours of Learning

    + 8 Segments

    + Previously Recorded Q&A Session

  • Learn to

    Shoot & Improve Your Lifestyle Photos
    • Shoot a collection of images for a brand.
    • Work with models for lifestyle.
    • Understand the best settings for different scenes.

What You'll Learn



Meet Victoria Wright aka Veekster

Gear & Shooting Tips


Learn the Best Cameras & Lenses Victoria uses to capture her stunning lifestyle imagery.

Favorite Lifestyle Images


Victoria goes through some of her iconic photos and tells you the back story of how she collaborated with the brands to bring these images to life.

Lifestyle Shoot: Scene 1


In the first scene of three, Victoria begins her mock lifestyle shoot with a model that's indoors packing his bag for an adventurous day out.

Lifestyle Shoot: Scene 2


In the second scene, we see the model leaving the house & Victoria shows you some techniques for capturing lifestyle photos that are in mixed indoor & outdoor settings.

Lifestyle Shoot: Scene 3


In the final scene, Victoria works with the model outdoors in a more natural environment with daytime lighting.



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Victoria Wright

Hi! I'm Victoria (@veekster), my friends call me Veeks. I'm a travel and lifestyle photographer based in the PNW.
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