• Instructors

    Andrew Kearns
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You know how to take good photos and you want to start landing, planning, and executing shoots for brands.

  • What You Get

    2.8 hours of learning

    + 17 segments

    + Insider industry knowledge

  • Learn To

    Start landing and executing gigs for brands.

    + Pitch brands

    + Plan for success

    + Execute a commercial shoot

    + Scout locations

    + Direct models and make them feel comfortable

    + Edit your shots for a clean, professional look

What You'll Learn

Andrew teaches you how to land your first gig working with a brand and deliver photos that will bring them back for more.

My Story

1/17 (8:45)

Meet Andrew Kearns and his story of perseverance that landed him photography projects with some of the world’s largest brands.

Workshop Overview

2/17 (1:40)

Andrew walks you through each step of the workshop and how he will approach his commercial shoot with P’alante.


3/17 (10:22)

Andrew shares it all while he dissects his backpack, sling, and go-to gear he brings on a shoot.

Pitching a Client

4/17 (13:06)

Learn how Andrew initiates conversation and packages his value, work, and ideas into a PDF for a brand. Watch him build out this approach firsthand for client, P’alante.

Pre-Pro Planning

5/17 (11:33)

Learn Andrew's approach to scouting and planning an upcoming shoot.

Scouting a Location

6/17 (9:54)

Join Andrew as he walks us through how he scouts a location for a shoot.

Shooting Story Shots

7/17 (4:41)

Watch Andrew get supporting narrative shots for our assignment.

Tips for Talking to Models

8/17 (5:52)

Sonora, one of Andrew's models, shares a few invaluable tips on how to direct and talk with models

Shooting Product Photos

9/17 (7:19)

Follow along as Andrew continues shooting the assignment, now focusing more on product shots.

Shooting Sunset

10/17 (2:15)

We finish out the shoot building a fire at sunset on the beach.

Editing 1

11/17 (27:07)

Learn the best keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom, ways to optimize your layout, and how Andrew uses Photo Mechanic before going into Lightroom.

Editing 2

12/17 (5:22)

Andrew shares how he edits one of the hero product photos from the shot.

Editing 3

13/17 (23:53)

Andrew demonstrates how to make a panorama, fill in area's you may have missed, and how he goes "all-in" on an image.

VSCO Editing

14/17 (3:35)

Some photos don't need the full Lightroom & Photoshop treatment. Andrew shares his approach to quick & easy mobile editing.

Photo Book & Expanding Photography

15/17 (11:59)

Andrew shares the process behind his new photo book, and the ways he likes to take photography outside the traditional borders.

Wisdom Nuggets & Knowledge Bombs

16/17 (5:38)

Andrew shares some of his philosophies towards professional life, money management, and long-term creative sustainment.

Andrew & Alex Talk Creativity

17/17 (15:20)

Andrew and Alex talk freelance life and how to take it to the next level.

Andrew Kearns

Photographer, filmmaker, & climber.
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