• Instructors

    Natasha Wilson
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    Good: Your friends think you are good at shooting photos.

  • What You Get

    4.5 hours of learning

    + 7 segments

    + Natasha's Color Theory Guide

    + 10% Moment discount

  • Learn to

    Shoot and edit like Natasha

    + Plan and execute a high fashion shoot
    + Work with and implement color theory
    + Master high end retouching and frequency separation
    + Stack images in Photoshop to create a single cloned image

What You'll Learn


1/7 (2:00)

Welcome! Let’s get this thing going and dive into everything you’re about to learn. You’ll get a quick intro into who Natasha is, and start learning how she approaches a high fashion shoot.

Pre Production: How Natasha Plans Her Shoots

2/7 (17:00)

For every shoot, Natasha has a very specific plan. Wardrobe, location, talent and — most importantly — the color palette are all purposefully planned. In this section, you’ll learn how to use color theory, how to choose a wardrobe for a shoot, and how to pick a location.

On Set: Japanese Garden

3/7 (17:00)

For shoot one, we join Natasha in a beautiful Japanese garden where she walks you through how to direct, pose and shoot high fashion photography. You’ll see firsthand how she poses a group, composes cinematic shots, and directs her subjects.

On Set: Shooting Cloning | Japanese Bookstore

4/7 (30:00)

Only have one model, but want the depth of a group shot? This section covers how you make that happen. Natasha walks you through how she utilizes a single subject to achieve the ultimate cinematic shot. Here, you’ll learn how to pose and direct an individual, how to compose a cinematic shot with a single model, and how to compile images to create a cloned ph...

Editing a Cloning Image: Editing Image 2

5/7 (2:00:00)

This section walks you through how Natasha executes a cloned image. You’ll learn how to layer images and how Natasha color corrects in Photoshop to match her desired look.

High End Retouching: Frequency Separation

6/7 (1:15:00)

Knowing how to edit high fashion photos is one of the most important aspects of the craft. Natasha will show you how she retouches her images to achieve a high fashion look. You’ll see how she retouches skin and blemishes, clones out unwanted artifacts, and stylizes images to make them look elegant.


7/7 (1:00)

Wow. What a ride. Thanks for watching — don’t forget to download the extras and get your discounted presets!

Meet Your Instructor

Desert born and raised, fashion photographer Natasha Wilson has had a mutual passion for art & travel her entire life. Inspired by culture and each location’s color palette, Natasha's unique perspective flows vicariously through her photographs and transports the viewer into a dream-like world.

Natasha Wilson

Hey, I'm Natasha (@natashawilson.co)! I'm a desert born and raised fashion photographer who has had a mutual passion for art & travel my entire life.
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