• Instructors

    Benj Haisch
  • Skill Level

    Level 1
  • What You Get

    2 hours of learning

    + 8 Segments
    + 10% Moment Discount

  • Learn to

    Shoot Timeless Photos of Couples
    • Build rapport with couples so that they're comfortable on camera.
    • Incorporate landscapes into your portraits to take them to the next level.
    • Best utilize the gear & lenses you have to achieve stunning results.
    • Edit your photographs in a timeless way.

What You'll Learn

Join Benj Haisch on two shoots in the PNW where he lays out his entire process of how he works with couples from the initial phone calls, to building rapport and getting them comfortable and camera ready and delivering timeless edits.



In this section, you'll learn more about who Benj is, and then he'll walk you through what you'll learn over the course of this lesson.



Whether it’s film or digital, learn Benj’s a go-to gear kit that he brings on every shoot.



In this 2 part section, you’ll learn how Benj finds different locations to shoot in, the importance of the landscape, the lighting, and how he works with couples to make them feel comfortable on camera.

In the Field


Join Benj on two shoots in the PNW with two different couples and watch his entire process from meeting the couple to working with them in different poses & locations.



The shoots have both wrapped and now Benj sits down in Lightroom and walks you through his entire process of how he edits his photos to give them a timeless look.

Key Takeaways


Benj summarizes the main points of the lesson and what he hopes you'll take away from this.

Benj Haisch

PNW-based wedding and elopement photographer Benj Haisch pairs his love for photography and the outdoors to create unique portraits of couples.
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