Joshua Martin MIFF 2021 hero
  • Instructors

    Joshua Martin
  • Skill Level

    Level 1

    You're a beginner filmmaker who want to learn how to shoot epic compositions on your phone.

  • What You Get

    1 hour of learning

    + 7 workshop segments

    + Recorded Q&A session

  • Learn to

    Compose and shoot cinematic phone footage.
    • Classic Shot Types & Creative Shot Types
    • Rule of Thirds & Leading Lines
    • Complimentary Colors & Symmetry
    • Basic color theory

What You'll Learn


1/7 (0:26)

Joshua introduces himself and covers what you'll learn in this workshop about shot composition and framing.

Shooting in Sequences

2/7 (3:28)

In this segment, Joshua teaches how to translate a story into a shot lists and sequences. Joshua covers types of shots including wide and tight shots, and when to use them.

Focal Lengths

3/7 (3:28)

Whether you're just using your phone native cameras, or if you'll be using external lenses, you'll need to know your setup's capabilities. Joshua covers tech specs for different lenses, and when to use each one.


4/7 (7:18)

Joshua teaches the foundations of composition -- so you'll know where to place your subject, how to frame, and how to create a composition with impact. Learn how different compositions can enhance the emotion of your scene.

Shooting: In Action

5/7 (5:58)

Follow Joshua into the city as he demonstrates how to compose stunning shots on your phone in real time.


6/7 (0:18)

Joshua wraps up the lesson with a recap and final thoughts.

Q&A Session with Joshua

7/7 (35:36)

Sit down with Joshua as he answers audience questions about composition & framing on your phone.

Joshua Martin

Joshua is Moment filmmaker and content creator based in South Bend, Indiana. He loves building rig cameras!
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